Is 8greens Gummies Scam [Oct] Check and Read Reviews Now

Is 8greens Gummies Scam 2020

Is 8greens Gummies Scam [Oct] Check and Read Reviews Now >>This is a review of the website that sells greens products.

Do you know taking greens are the most important thing for your body and your health? 

You do know. Good. And, you may also know, taking them is quite tricky, time-consuming, and costly.

And, you may also know how terrible they are in taste. Yucky!!

Is there any alternative? Yes. There is. There is one way to get those greens in your body. And you know what? You don’t have to think about them.

And I am sure if you’re here. Do you know what it is?

Yeah! 8greens Gummies! 

Aren’t they super easy to make? Just put it in water, watch it fizz, and then drink! So simple. And so easy.

But where you get those? Obviously, – their official online store.

Is safe? Is it real? Is it trustable? Who knows, maybe. 

However, with this 8greens Gummies Reviews, you know in just a minute.

In a minute, you are about to know, Is 8greens Gummies Scam or not, and whether you live in The United States or somewhere else, is your product will be delivered to you or not.


8greens is a company founded by Dawn Russell. she founded this company to educate and help people add these greens to their diet in an easy, quick, and delicious way.

In 2012, she sought to find the best raw materials for her 8greens. For these raw materials, she visits all the farms, factories, and lacks possible.

She created TABLETS, SKIN TABLETS, GUMMIES with those raw materials. 

She sells and supplies it from the United States to their customers from her website 

She created this website o supply these products as an easy way. It has all the information about this product and its ingredients.

Do you want to know more about this website? Good. Here you go…


  • Type: Ecommerce
  • URL:
  • Address: Not Mentioned.
  • Email:
  • Contact No.: 1-844-BUY-MY-8G
  • Social Media: Mentioned
  • Delivery Time: Depend on Priority
  • Return policy: Within 30 days.
  • Payment Mode: Various Payment Options 


  • It has a Customer support service.
  • It has a newsletter service that gives you the latest health tips.
  • It has an HTTPS secure connection.
  • The domain name it is registered with is nine years old.
  • It has a 30 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has an 80% average trust score.
  • It has products that are liked by many people.
  • It has an elegant, beautiful, and easy-to-navigate website design.
  • It provides popular testimonials for credibility.


  • It lacks worldwide shipping.
  • Besides this, it has no 8greens Gummies Reviews.
  • It is hiding the website owners’ identity.
  • It is not optimized for search engines.
  • It has a negative association on social media.

Is 8greens Gummies Scam?

If you go through all these technical stuff, let’s get into the real deal? 

If you noticed, this website has everything that a regular eCommerce website has. It has customer reviews, product details, product descriptions, customer support, social media presence, a clean website, and information about the company.   

But what you did not notice is this… this website is not optimized for search engine. It means this website is not intended to search on Google or any other search engine.  

Plus, this website doesn’t provide any generic contact information. Although phone number and emails are provided, that’s not enough to trust its sources.

And there is one exciting thing about the website which makes it highly suspicious. It does not provide any information about the owners of the website. So, what’s your say now on Is 8greens Gummies Scam. 

8greens Gummies Reviews: 

This website is filled with customer’s reviews and famous people’s testimonials.

But apart from this website, you will not find any customers reviews on the internet or on any popular review websites.

On their social media, they have average social Fans, which is not congruent to their brand.

Here is one of the Customers is saying… 

He has so much more energy, he feels revitalized, and his once drab-looking skin is now glowing!!

Final Conclusion :

Till now, we hope you got the answer Is 8greens Gummies Scam?

So, what the Conclusion? Do you want to know? Good. 

Here it is…

Listen: this website has everything that makes it credible and trustable in the market place. But somehow, this website has some incongruency, which makes it a little suspicious.

So, if you decided to buy products from this website, then bear one thing in your mind, there is no guarantee. There is no guarantee you will get what you pay for. 

However, if you like this 8greens Gummies Reviews and helpful, be sure you leave a nice comment below!

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