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Is 1rankers com Scam (Jan 2021) Read Before Using Site

Is 1rankers com Scam (Jan 2021) Read Before Using Site -> Using websites that let you send new year messages with your name on them? Find out about one such site.

Did you come across a website that lets you send personalized new year greetings online? 

Is 1rankers com scam? Is the site safe? These are some of the questions users are asking. 

In the United States and other countries, such sites are popping up online in huge numbers. Before you share your personal info on this site, we recommend you to read today’s post.  

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What is 1rankers.com? 

In recent times, there has been a deluge of websites in the digital world that claims to let users send personalized greetings for various occasions. The 1rankers.com is one such site. The site offers the message creating service for free. 

Internet users are posting enquiries asking is 1rankers com scam or legit? The site is a virtual platform where visitors can enter their name and customize new year messages. The user can send the ‘Happy New Year 2021’ message via social media site like Facebook and chat service like Whatsapp. 

Continue reading as we discuss this site and determine how safe it is. 

Things to know about 1rankers.com: 

  • There is no info available about the site’s origin country. 
  • Visitors can use the site for creating new year greeting messages with their names.
  • The site does not offer any other service. 
  • The site asks users to share their personal info. 
  • Users can forward the created message via Facebook or Whatsapp. 
  • Many users are posting online discussing the 1rankers Com scam or legit. 
  • Various versions of this site are available online. 
  • The site does not share its privacy policy or terms and conditions. 
  • The info about the site’s domain is not available online. 

How does 1rankers.com work?

The site asks visitors to enter their full name and click on go. On the next page, the site displays the created message. The message is happy new year 2021. Users can forward the created greeting through two options: Whatsapp and Facebook. The site does not charge any money for creating new year wishes. 

Is 1rankers com Scam?

The lack of info regarding the site’s domain and the origin country raises questions. Also, there are multiple versions of the available on the internet. Trusting such sites with your personal information is quite risky as scammers use such platforms to collect data. 

Concluding remarks

During the holiday season, many websites like 1rankers.com start showing up in the online space. Anyone can use this site to create a new year message with their own name on it and send it to their contacts via various platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. 

People are curious about the site’s legitimacy and sharing online posts titled 1rankers Com scam to find out if the site is safe for sharing personal data. The site appears dubious as not much information is available about it. 

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