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This article covers a prank response about the International Space Station Gorilla Suit that has gathered attention on the web these days.

What if you see a sudden gorilla at work? Will you panic? Of course, you will be frightened and panicked. 

It was the same circumstances for the NASA astronaut inside the ISS. However, how does the gorilla fly into the space station?

We know you will be confused, and there will be massive questions in your mind. So, let us understand the reality of the International Space Station Gorilla Suit.

It seems to be a hilarious incident in the International space station. After knowing about the incident, people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom were shaken with fright.

Summary of the incident.

An astronaut named Tim Peake was inside the space station. He was in hilarious shock after seeing a gorilla inside the storage container. The video of the gorilla chasing this frightened astronaut went viral. It was noticed that it was a man who wore a gorilla suit.

Who was in a gorilla suit?

It revealed; that it was a prank played by Kelly for his crew members through the International Space Station Gorilla Suit.

The man in a gorilla suit was an American engineer named Scott Kelly. After investigation, Escapist Magazine stated that it was Mark Kelly, whose hand was behind the incident, to have a suit inside the care package.

Cost spent on this prank.

This prank requires the time and the cargo to send it into space. According to research, this may have been the costliest prank for every pound in cargo that takes $ 10000. Therefore, the cost estimated would be over $ 50000. 

Let us know why the International Space Station Gorilla Suit was smuggled.

What is the reason for smuggling Gorilla suits into space?

Scott Kelly was for 340 days in space, which means 5000 orbits around the Earth.

They were in space for the mission; to study the effects on the human body after a prolonged time in space.

Mark was the twin brother of Scott. He remained on Earth and synchronized the data collected. Mark was involved in similar medical experiments too.

The information collected from both of them in the 340-day mission notified other US scientists to continue to do ten different studies.

Why is the International Space Station Gorilla Suit trending these days?

The incident was in the spotlight several years ago. But, it is gathering newborn attraction due to the recent Reddit post. This post had gained 20000 retweets a few times. Likewise to many other people, some had missed out on this incident that happened in February 2016.

Note: All the information obtainable in this article is from the web.

Last thoughts

Though pranking with colleagues is common in our society. The gorilla suit was not a great idea for this kind of demo in a space station. Perhaps, it attracted lots of attention in space that otherwise would not have focused. 

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