Infinity Insurance Company Scam (April 2021) Be Informed

Infinity Insurance Company Scam 2021

Infinity Insurance Company Scam (April 2021) Be Informed >> The write-up shares details about the new scam letter or notification of data breach that people are receiving.

The USA’s residents received letters from Infinity Insurance, and they want to know about Infinity Insurance Company Scam. Infinity Auto Insurance is focused on changing the insurance world by providing customized solutions for businesses, families, and individuals.   

Online scammers often target innocent residents in the United States. The latest scam is about getting a letter from the insurance company that states about data breaching. Now, people are taking social media and discussion forums to discuss the letter.

Many residents have received the letter, and now they want to know if it is legit and from the company or it is another scam.  

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What is the Infinity Insurance Company Scam?

Infinity Insurance Company is the renowned and highly acclaimed auto insurance company in the United States. The company offers customized insurance plans for businesses, families, and automobiles. 

However, some customers and non-customers of the insurance company are receiving a suspicious letter in the company’s name mentioning that a data breach took place in the company on 26th December 2020. 

After receiving the letter, all customers took the discussion forum to discuss the matter and report the same to the insurance company’s authorities. Many people who are not even linked to the insurance company have received the letter and want to learn about Infinity Insurance Company Scam.

How do the Scam Works?

As mentioned, the scammers are getting quite innovative when doing a scam with innocent residents. Now, they send emails and letters via post to the residents and update them about the things that never happened or recorded. 

Some scammers are now sending letters to different people across the states and informing them that there was a data breaching issue in the Infinity Insurance Company last December 2020. As a result, the company is now offering them a complimentary or extended year of Experian Identity Works. 

However, there is no confirmation regarding such Infinity Insurance Company Scam from the company, and hence it must be avoided and reported to the insurance company’s authorities.  

What are the Reactions of People?

As mentioned, all letter recipients are now taking to the forums to discuss the matter. People are actively reacting to the letters and want to know if it is legit or another scam. 

Some are not even linked to the company in anyways and receiving the 5-page notification about the data breach. So, they want to report the same to the authorities, and before that, they want to know about Infinity Insurance Company Scam.


Infinity Insurance Company is the famous auto insurance company. However, some customers of the company are worried after getting a notification letter about the data breach. 

But, there is no such confirmation for sending notifications to customers regarding the data breach. People must ignore the letter and report about the same to the insurance company’s authorities for further actions.

What do you think about it? Have you received the same Infinity Insurance Company Scam letter? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

20 Comments on “Infinity Insurance Company Scam (April 2021) Be Informed”

  1. I received one of the Infinity Ins. letters yesterday 03/22/20 it was as you described in this article. I have never had Ins. with this company. Nor had my Insurance . Co. any advice for me. I am calling them today to let them know about this letter so they have answers if another client gets one.


  2. I received the Infinity Insurance company scam letter on March 22, 2021. At first I thought it was real. Then I was suspicious since i didn’t have this insurance.
    I looked up the company on the web and found the info on the scam.. exactly like my letter. So glad to see the posting. I will not be responding to the phony letter. Thanks for the information. John Keady

  3. I received a letter from : Return Mail Processing–P.O. Box 589–Claysburg, Pa. 16625-0589—ref. a security breach 12/26/20 at Infinity Insurance Company and offering one year complimentary membership to Experian Identity Works (sm) . Phone number (877)-316-0057–engagement number DB25997 –or to enroll at web site—–Activation Code LKB9FQYLR .
    I did not respond.

  4. Received the letter yesterday and I don’t have their insurance. The email address for Experian did not seem right to me. They added idworks to EXperian email adddess. I will be contact my car insurance broker tomorrow

  5. Is this letter from Infinity Insurance company a scam or is it for real? Can someone give me a straight answer is it for real or is it a scam which one?? On the envelope or the letter there us no Inifinity Insurance Logo which leave me to think may be a scam.

  6. Yes i received the 5 page letter and was somewhat suspicious for several reasons, but was very concerned until my younger sister searched/helped me get this link. i found out the hard way to never call a phone # unless you check it out first. The problem is many older people don’t know where to find the information. You mention “forums” for people to go to. Many people like me (old but not technically challenged but not a “geek” either” don’t know who/where these forums are. Places like Facebook have deceiving comments. Who or what fact checking sites can you get accurate information?? You say “should contact authorities”. WHAT AUTHORITIES? Who do you call, the FBI? Experian(?) who is not very responsive according to the media.
    Can i use your site in the future?

  7. I recieved the scam letter telling me about a data breaching December 26. It also referred to a February breach that accessed a file that included my Social Security No. Is there something that I need to do to get these scammers identified and convicted?

  8. I got the letter yesterday, 24 Mar. I’m pretty tech-savvy and immediately was suspicious. As soon as you see: ***************AUTO**5-DIGIT 32079 above the barcode (above your name) REDFLAG #1… that tells me it’s a “form letter”… further my name is nowhere in the body of the letter… RED FLAG #2. Painfully obvious the letter goes on with fancy rhetoric about credit protection… Free for a Dollar, when you know the ‘bait ‘n switch’ is coming… Throw the letter in your recycle bin… please!

  9. I just received this letter today and I immediately looked Infinity Insurance Company on the internet and came upon this website. Thank You for publishing information about this scam. I questioned this letter primarily and I have no contact with Infinity Insurance Company nor have I ever. There are so many scams today that you have to question everything that you are unsure of. I will shred this letter and pretend I never got it.

  10. We each received the scam letter today. I will notify the insurance company..
    I will also use Social Media to advise neighbors and others know about it so they do not be come victims.

  11. yes, I just received one letter today, actually two of them to the same address, to a second name of someone not even residing at my address. they mention two different dates, “the incident” happened on December 26th, 2020, and “completed’ a “review” on February 18, 2021. the two letters are identical, only the names are different, and as I sent one of the names do not reside at the address. people be aware!!

  12. Received such a Letter on 3/23/2021. I immediately got suspicious as I have never done business with Infinity Insurance Company or Kemper, the Company who aquired Infinity Insurance recently.
    My decision is, that I will not sign on with Experiene, nor will I call any of the phone numbers listed for further questions.
    This letter will not get any response from me

  13. I too have rec’d this letter. However, I am also getting letters from,Fingerhut and
    Curacao turning me down for credit. I went on to Experian and found many more attempts at different places for credit that I never applied for. So frustrating.

  14. Wife got one today. Did research total scam. I would tell you to call your states attorney general. Asap and let them know you got the letter. Be proactive. Shut these frauds down.

  15. I have received a total of 8 of these letter including letters to my son who doesn’t drive and letter to my parents who are deceased

  16. I just received this letter in the mail today. My friend had told me he had gotten the same letter 2 weeks ago. Neither of us have any business with Infinity Insurance so I went online and read your article
    Thank you so much for the heads up.

  17. Thank you for the article. Each person in my household has received the same letter from Infinity with the return address as listed previously P.O. box 589, Claysburg, PA. I also believe this letter is a fraud and will be contacting my attorney general to report this incident. It’s unfortunate the number of people they may scam because of this letter.
    Thank you for the information and replies from other readers!

    1. Hello! We are grateful that you have scrolled through our article and have posted your comment here. We hope that you have contacted your attorney general to resolve this matter. In the future also, we would continue to provide you with informative blogs and update you with the required details. Thank you! Keep Reading! Have a Nice Day!

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