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In Gadgets Ltd (Jan) Read This Review Before Buying

In Gadgets Ltd (Jan) Read This Review Before Buying >> The content will share the information about the specifications and legitimacy of the company available online that claims to provide Hi-tech gadgets.

Are you in search of a company that deals with hi-tech gadgets?  In Gadgets Ltd has emerged in the market to fulfill your desire. The company works as a retail organization to sell gadgets. The company sells goods to other non-specialized stores. 

The company does not have a URL. Hence it becomes tough for the people of the United Kingdom to get reliable details about this company. 

About the company 

The company started its’ operation on the 14th of September 2017. It is an active company and has its’ registered office in Harrow, Greater London. The details of the company, in brief, is available online. On viewing the company details, you will find that In Gadgets Ltd has one active director presently. 

According to the latest information available on the net, there is one active company secretary in the company. 

It is a private Limited company that falls within the category, Micro. The total strength of the workforce of the company is below ten. The company comes under the classification code 47190, i.e. other retail sales in non-specialized stores. 

Features of the company 

If you are interested in dealing with the company, you must understand the features of the organization. 

  • It is a Private Limited Company. In Gadgets Ltd started its journey in 2017, i.e., three years back.
  • The net worth of the company is GBP 1.5K, and Total Current Asset is GBP 3.9 K approx.,
  • The total current liabilities of the company are about GBP 2.4K as per the latest financial report.
  • Customers from all parts of the world will find this company at a micro-level. The total numbers of employees work in the company is below ten. 
  • As per the latest reviews available online, the business has a turnover of nearly 2 million GBP. 
  • The Director of In Gadgets Ltd is Mr Arun Kumar Bejugamm. He works as company secretary of the company.

Is the company legit or a scam?

Every consumer of the United Kingdom and worldwide loves to deal with a legit company. To check the validity of an organization, you need to inspect various areas. You have to check the website details, contact information, genuineness of product and services, etc. 

Here, you can find that the company is three years old, but you will hardly get any URL of the organization. Customers can get the physical address of the company. However, it is hard to get any contact detail of In Gadgets Ltd. 

Neither you will get any social media link nor find details about the products or services that the company offers. Hence it is tough to declare that this company is legit. You have to do immense research before you start dealing with the company

Final Verdict

The company does not come with adequate information to help consumers to deal with it. Customers will not get phone numbers, details of products and services, Email, social media link of the company online. 

Due to the absence of necessary information, consumers need to research a lot about the company. 

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