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The write-up on I Am Taking Selfie Drawing talks about a popular art form right now and everything about it.

Do you know what a selfie is? Do you know how to take a selfie? Do you know what is Vector-sketch? 

Smartphones are very common these days. And the quality of smartphones is improving. Taking HD pictures with different specifications has become an easy job with smartphones. People love taking pictures and selfies everywhere they go and with everyone they meet.  

People around India want to know more about I Am Taking Selfie Drawing. Let us see what it is about.

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What is Selfies?

Selfie is a term used for a photo one takes of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam. Selfies with friends and family have been a trend for some time now. A selfie can be taken and shared on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Since the beginning of cameras, selfies were around, but the trend spiked in popularity when Apple released the iPhone 4 in 2010. The front-facing camera on this phone made taking selfies easy to do on the go. 

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What is Vector artwork?

The vector graphics create logos, illustrations, animations and even complex illustrations. This graphic is created using basic geometric shapes such as circles, lines, rectangles and ellipses. In addition, several applications can be used to edit these images according to the user’s needs.

Vector graphics are a popular form of computer graphics. They’re also used in design, illustration, animation, games, and multimedia. You can use applications like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. These applications work by using paths to draw in a certain way. This means that everything you draw is made up of straight lines with no curves.

What is I Am Taking Selfie Drawing?

Nowadays, on the internet, the vector art form is very famous. And this topic is also related to this particular graphic. People are flaunting their vector art skills on social media. The artists post their pictures or videos of any influencers in vector illustration form.

After some people posted pictures and videos, they went viral overnight, and now every possible influencer on the internet is posting their pictures in this form. People are searching for this keyword how they can convert their picture into a vector illustration. Many artists can make it happen. 

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Why is vector artwork popular?

There are many reasons why vector artwork continues to dominate online media. While you might think that the popularity comes from its scalability, it all starts with a person’s ability to share and distribute vector art with ease.


Vector artwork is a popular choice for logos and brand identities because it can be scaled down to fit a business card or blown up without losing quality. It also allows for easy colour changes and the ability to add effects after the fact.

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