Hurdle Wordle Word {August 2022} Word Guessing Game!

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In this article on Hurdle Wordle Word, we have tried to provide all the information about the 17th August Word Hurdle challenge.

Are you confused between Wordle and Word Hurdle? Do you think both games are the same? This article will help you answer all your questions and doubts about these games. Both games are played Worldwide by millions of people every day.

Recently, People began to become curious about the difference in both games. Continue reading more to learn about Hurdle Wordle Word

Why is this game trending?

Word Hurdle is a trendy game that helps to improve one’s vocabulary. It is a challenging game and helps to upgrade your word knowledge. The difference between both the games is Wordle is a five-letter game, and Word Hurdle is a six-letter word game. 

And in this game participants get six chances to answer this Hurdle. Participants can play this game twice a day, once in the morning and then in the afternoon. For example, on August 17, Hurdle #421[Morning] and #422{Afternoon] solutions are SECOND and EXCEED, respectively. Pursue reading more to know about this game.

Is Hurdle a Word?

Yes, Hurdle is a word in the English dictionary. The hurdle is a series of difficulties one has to face to step into another level. Every day two latest words are provided to participants. It is the updated version of Wordle, which is played online. This game is suitable for each age group. You can also challenge your friends and check your scores daily.

 In this game, the correct answer is highlighted in blue rather than green. Every Hurdle will help you learn a lesson, whether how to solve it or its meaning. 17th August word is a familiar word and is heard by many people. Continue reading more to understand Hurdle Game.

How to play the Word Hurdle game?

This game’s rules are straightforward; you don’t need to practise before you begin. This game has six letters; you must figure out the correct answer by dogging the letters. If the word is correct, it will turn blue, and if the word is in the wrong place, it will turn yellow, and if the word is entirely wrong, a grey colour will appear

 It is a guessing game and a mind game. Sometimes it becomes difficult to solve the game when people are unaware of the term. Hurdle Wordle Word attempts to figure out the ideal word for the puzzle.


The answer to #421 and #422 Wordle on August 17, 2022, was Second and Exceed, respectively. This game is in great demand on social media due to its difficult task. Therefore, we have tried to answer all your questions and provide all details regarding this game which is a daily schedule for everyone. 

Check out this link to learn more about this game.

In the comment section below, let us know your views regarding the Hurdle Wordle Word game.

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