How To Get A Refund If I Send An eCheck Through PayPal

How To Get A Refund If I Send An eCheck Through PayPal 2021.

How To Get A Refund If I Send An eCheck Through PayPal >> The guide shares details of the new electronic check payment option and methods to request a refund if payment is done wrongly.  

The bottom line of a business is always on top for any business owner. They put all efforts into keeping their business revenue flowing, and one way to ensure this is by accepting payments via different modes, including eCheck PayPal Payments.

eCheck or electronic check is the virtual version of a paper check that uses Automated Clearing House to debit the amount directly from a checking bank account and credit it to the merchant’s account using a payment processor. 

Read on to know How to Get a Refund if I Send an eCheck Through PayPal.

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About E-Check

As mentioned, E-Check is the electronic version of the paper check that electronically debits the amount from your checking account and credits it to the merchant’s account. It is widely used by buyers who don’t hold a credit card or any other alternate payment source linked to their PayPal account. 

The E-Check functions like a normal paper check, and when the buyer makes payment via E-Check, the funds are automatically debited from the buyer’s checking account and goes to the seller’s PayPal account. 

Reasons to Make Use of E-Checks

Before moving ahead to learn How to Get a Refund if I Send an eCheck Through PayPal, let us check the reasons for using E-Checks.

There are many good reasons for using E-Checks, of which the primary reason is to reduce the cost of paper checks for payment. However, the cost varies significantly from suppliers to suppliers and banks to banks. Ordering an E-Check late can cost you more. 

When mailing an E-Check to the merchant for payment, there is no postal charge involved. But, if you may several payments using electronic checks, there is a postage cost involved. It has been estimated that the cost of paper checks is around $1 while the cost of E-Checks is only 1 cent. 

E-Checks also tend to bounce like a paper check. The amount is not debited instantly from the payee’s account, and hence there is a likeliness of getting bounced if sufficient balance is not maintained after issuing the E-Check. E-Checks can be cashed out in some instances, especially if the payor’s bank has the option or based on local check cashing location.  

What Payments Are Done Using E-Checks?

We will learn How to Get a Refund if I Send an eCheck Through PayPal but before that, let us learn what payments can be done with E-Checks. Payments using E-Checks can be made to anyone who accepts the electronic checks. Electronic checks are used for recurring payments, including:

  • Auto loan repayments
  • Health club membership payments
  • Mortgage payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Rent payments
  • PayPal Account Payments   

Issuers can also set up a recurring payment using E-Checks, and the amount gets debited every month from the checking account of the issuer’s bank.

What are the Methods for Processing E-Checks?

Merchants have to set payment options as E-Check Payment to accept electronic checks from customers. They need to collect information, including checking account number and bank routing number. These details allow merchants to communicate with the issuer’s bank directly, and as the payment and E-Checks are verified, the amount is debited from the checking account using the ACH system. Below is the list of parties that are associated with the process of ACH electronic check payment. 

  • Originator – It is the merchant who wants to cash the E-Checks. They start by directly depositing the E-Checks for processing after getting the required details from customers.
  • Bank – The second part is the bank which is also referred to as Originating Depository Finance Institution. They put the ACH entry at the originator’s command, collect the amount from customers and send it to the ACH operator in batches.
  • ACH Operator – They sort the request for funds and settle the amount into the merchant’s business bank account. 
  • Issuer’s Bank – They get the request and verify whether funds are available, debit the checking account, and credit the funds to the merchant’s business account.      

Is Payment Via E-Checks Safe and Secure?

Anything done online or virtually involves higher risks. Hackers and cybercriminals are using different methods to do scam. But, E-Checks are considered to be secure compared to paper checks. Since there is no physical documentation for the interception, low risk is involved. 

With E-Checks, there are different steps to authenticate the funds, and there is different authentication processes involved. It adds an extra layer of protection and security and makes E-Check payment safe and secure than paper checks. 

How to Get a Refund if I Send an eCheck Through PayPal?

If you think that the PayPal E-Check payment is done by mistake, you may request the refunding from the merchant to get back the amount. If the merchant agrees to a refund, PayPal would again deposit the amount to the PayPal account of yours and not into your bank account. Here are the steps to requesting a refund for the wrong PayPal E-Check payment. 

  • Go to the official website of PayPal and log in using your credentials. 
  • Click on the payment history link followed by the link “Details” to see the transaction history and details.
  • Click on the details of the E-Check payment for which you are looking for a refund.
  • At the bottom, you will see an email link for the “Contact Information” section. Click on it.
  • Enter why you want to request a refund for the E-Check and click on the button “Send”.
  • The request will be sent to the seller, and if they agree to the refund, the amount of your E-Check will automatically get redeposited to the PayPal account of yours. Later, you can transfer the amount to your checking account. 


Electronic Checks or E-Checks are here to last longer and expected to evolve with times. Businesses and individuals are now switching to PayPal E-Check payments for higher security reasons that it offers. 

Hopefully, it is clear now how the process works and How to Get a Refund if I Send an eCheck Through PayPal. There are lots of scammers using sophisticated methods for hacking your PayPal Account. So, it becomes essential for all to learn how to avoid scams and get a refund from PayPal if scammed.   

Have you ever made any wrong PayPal E-Check Payment? How did you request the refund from the seller? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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