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Hello readers, are you looking for a complete novel that shares drama, emotions and fantasy? Are you interested to read such kind of a novel? If yes, then in the discussed topic, we are talking about a novel that recently published another new chapter. 

The readers of the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil and Indonesia are loved to read it. We will thoroughly study the novel in the article How to Get My Husband on My Side 35. For further info read the following content.

A short look at the novel storyline.

It is a famous novel among the readers. Several country’s readers are loved to read it. It is a well-known light novel covering dram, emotions, fantasy and the josei genres. It is a fiction novel.

In the novels, several chapters have been published and translated. Around its 114 chapters are translated, and other chapters are in progress. In the novel, the writer writes a story of the kingdom and shares the characters’ challenges. 

Who has written How to Get My Husband on My Side 35?

It is written by the Author Cat and Spice and translated into many languages. In our findings, we got its average score is 4.4/5. The readers are liking it some of the feedback says.

A Brief intro of the Novel story-

The novel is the perfect combination of love, romance, drama and imagination. It is a story of a kingdom where the husband of a princess ruled over her kingdom that her father and brother gave to him when they talked their last breath. It is a story of a villainess who performs wrong actions to save herself.

How to Get My Husband on My Side 35 is the journey of a villainess to save herself from her husband. Villainess got married to a person chosen by her father to save his kingdom. But the problem was he was the imaginary adventures of the North. He ended up killing the villainess and her entire family. Her husband was cruel. He ended up her entire family.

According to the story, the villainess faces many challenges to save herself and her husband’s little sister from her murderer husband. The worst thing was that he was gaining the North people’s support, and they all disliked me.

How to Get My Husband on My Side 35 tells how a villainess is used by her father and older brother as a political tool. In the end, the villainess takes her last breath in her husband’s hand. To save, she said that she loves him and not to kill her.

Detail says a supporting character and a villainess die due to his strategic marriage and her use as a political tool to save her father’s kingdom.


We made a depth study on the novel’s story and its chapter and put all the relevant info in the mentioned content. You can get more detail here on How to get my husband on my side and enjoy the reading How to Get My Husband on My Side 35 chapter.

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