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This article describes a manga novel and its particular chapter that deals with its two main characters. Read on How to Get My Husband on My Side 34.

Are you excited to know about an essential chapter of a famous manga series? If yes, read this article to understand this particular chapter discussed among the readers.

The readers are highly obsessed with the characters, thanks to the strong character development by the writer. Manga novel enthusiasts from the Philippines, Brazil, India, and the United States are excited about covering significant novel instances that will influence the upcoming chapters. Read about How to Get My Husband on My Side 34.  

About Chapter 34

The 34th chapter of the manga novel plays a crucial role in the story’s development as the characters take part in prominent conversations that can affect the current storyline. The chapter also helps to provide a more exciting story.

The suspense element presented in the 34th chapter played a significant role in pushing the manga story to a greater extent. The novel readers are waiting for the release of the 115th chapter. The 114th chapter is the latest released one. It was released on 2nd January 2022.

How to Get My Husband on My Side 34

  • The chapter provides a perfect transition from the previous chapter by keeping the readers in a good flow without losing the essence of the story.
  • The 34th chapter begins with the conversation between Izek and Ivan.
  • Ivan begins the conversation with Izek by explaining to him the possibility of misuse of magic stones by their servants to create doubt between servant and master.
  • Izek was very tired, and his eyes displayed his tiredness.
  • Both of them were trying to make an excellent friendly understanding between themselves.

Continuation of Chapter 34

  • In How to Get My Husband on My Side 34, when Izek looked back at Ivan with sleepy eyes, Ivan couldn’t talk more, and he felt dryness in his mouth as he was facing a person who was not getting good sleep.
  • Izek asked about the reason for searching for a new servant as Ivan was restlessly looking to find a new servant for the last 70 hours.
  • Both of them, after each bold conversation, stared at each other for a long time.
  • The chapter then deals with a serious conversation between Popo and Griffin. Most of their conversation in How to Get My Husband on My Side 34 was a series of various arguments, discussions and debate made against each other on various critical topics.
  • Griffin had an injury on his nose, and he was constantly worried about his face and nosebleed and always expressed his concern with Popo. 
  • The whole manga chapter consists of a question-and-answer method of conversation between characters.


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