How To Get Money Back After Online Scam? – Answered Here

How To Get Money Back After Online Scam - Answered Here 2021.

How To Get Money Back After Online Scam? – Answered Here >> Online scams are common these days. Want to know how to get a refund in such a case?, then read the below post.

The world is changing; everything is digitalized now; online shopping and services save us lots of time, especially in the pandemic phase it is the safest mode of shopping. All the sweet experiences on one side and scams, fraud are on the other side. 

If you are a scam victim and searching for How to get money back after online scam? Then don’t panic; hold here; you are on the right path. We have some crucial data to share with you all. 

What are Online Scams?

It is a vast subject to understand; phishers use high technology and advanced devices or methods to trap innocent. And end up fetching some sensitive data, personal information, and password and account number.

It is cybercrime attracts needy people by offering exciting and eye-catchy deals and steal user information. Scams are avoidable if you take preventive measures or stay away from fraud. Relevant information is covered below; please refer. 

Types of Online Scams

  • Email Scams: Scammers send fake emails by offering huge cash prizes, gift cards, free trips, and many. Innocents believe it and rush to reply to the fraud message.
  • Phishing phone calls and messages: Scammers call you and say they are from your bank and ask for personal information. Make people believe that if action is not taken, your account will be suspended.
  • Online Shopping Frauds: These scams are common nowadays. Many websites sell products at cheaper prices by giving you huge discounts. You end up buying it, but you get nothing or a different or damaged product in return. In such cases people rush to the internet to search. How to get money back after online scam? Below are the details; keep reading.
  • Social media frauds: Social network is a powerful way to attract people especially youngsters. These types of scams are highly seen in cybercrime. Scammers create a fake link and ask people to open it to get huge gifts, money or any costly product for free. Stay away from such fake messages.

Online scams list goes on increasing, but we managed to give details about few and most important types here.

Check whether You are using the Safe Website or Not?

  • Before using any random website, see whether it is encrypted with the “HTTPS” protocol or not.
  • Use domain age checker tool available over the internet; any portal less than one year is not safe to trust.
  • Similarly, you can check the trust score, and trust rank of the site using various tools; a good number is always a good sign.
  • Customer feedback plays a vital role; any portal with genuine, unbiased mixed reviews is good to go.
  • Go through the website carefully owner’s name, address, contact number, and good policies show a positive sign.
  • Social network presence and safe payment mode is an added advantage.
  • The above points may look very simple, but a save you from a huge loss. Precaution is always better than cure. 

Let us check details about How to get money back after online scam; in the next section first learn through ways to avoid scams.

Measures to Avoid Scams

  • Set a strong password: Create a unique, strong password and make sure you change it frequently. Don’t use common data to create passwords like date of birth, and don’t save your password unsafely.
  • Please don’t share personal details: Any personal information like full account number, phone number, signature, and password to any random portal unless and until it is utter important. 
  • 2FA (2-factor authentication): Turn on this amazing feature that asks for two authentication passwords and special codes before using any personal app.
  • Carefully Transfer your Fund: Whenever you transfer money to any source, please double-check the site and enter valid details correctly.

How to get money back after online scam – Report a Scam

Reporting a scam is different for different cases; check out the details below; 

  • Did You share your personal details to a Scammer?

Visit “ to check what measures you can take, including how you can monitor credit. If you have shared your username and password with the scammer, generate a new and strong password immediately.

  • Did Scammer has access to Your system or mobile phone?

In this case, update the “security software” of the computer, pass a scan and delete any information that you think can be a threat. If the same thing happens with the phone; try to take back your phone control by contacting your service provider. After that, change the account password.

  • Did you pay a scammer?

It depends on the mode of your payment; let us check one by one.

  • Credit or Debit Card: Contact credit or debit card issuer. And make them understand it is a fraudulent charge. Then the Company reverses the transaction and gives your money back.
  • Transfer from your bank account: Visit your bank tell the story, and ask them to reverse the transaction and get your money back.
  • Fund transfer from money transfer app: Contact Company and report the fraud and request to reverse the transaction. Suppose you have connected the money transfer app to a credit or debit card, report the misbehave to your card issuer or bank. Ask for reverse the charge.
  • Report to FTC:

Suppose you have been scammed, report at to the FTC. Whenever you take this action, the FTC uses it to report information and files cases against scammers. Also, it creates awareness among the public, spots trends, and spreads messages about what is happening in our surroundings. You can find more details here.

Closing Thoughts 

Not all that glitters is gold, so beware of frauds. Online scams are irrespective of age and gender anyone can be easily trapped into the cycle of scams in the digital world. Suppose you come across any such incident, then you must know, How to get money back after online scam; we hope our guide helped you.

Do you find our post useful? Still, have any queries? Please write it in the comment box below; your time and effort are highly cherished. You can also know how to stay protected from online scams here.

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  1. I have ordered a Xbox series x console from on October 7 2021 and I have not recieve my package I used a prepaid debit card and paid $80.00 & the tracking number is Ly905153705cn & order number is 1887 how can I get a refund and get my money back on my prepaid debit card?

  2. I was a victim of WDC Markets investment scam some months ago myself. It was a sad experience for me. However chargebacksecured com helped me get my money back the right way.

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