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How to Easily Convert MSG to EML?

This tutorial shows some methods to convert MSG to EML. MSG is a data file for different email clients that contains contacts, notes, tasks, messages and other things. Likewise, EML is the file of email message contained in the format of Internet Message Protocol. If you wish to transform emails from MSG to the EML format, continue reading this blog to get the answers.

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How to Convert MSG to EML?

There is a free MSG to EML Coolutils online service allowing you to convert emails from one format to another. The service offers various types of tools for converting file formats. It further provides an MSG to EML converter which allows you to transform several Outlook data files into email format. Let’s see the ways to do the transformation with the online free application.

First, open the browser and head towards the Coolutils website. Now browse and import MSG files from your Personal Computer or just draw and drop the input files onto its interface. Later, set the “File Type” to the EML and click the “Download Converted File” option to begin the conversion.

EML Features

First, a little theory. Let’s say, you have downloaded a file on your computer with the code name “message.eml”. Of course, this format is far from common, unlike MP3 (music), MP4 (video), and JPG (images) familiar to most. In this regard, the expansion becomes a mystery.

But the answer lies on the surface: in the abbreviation itself. The abbreviation can be decoded as an electronic message file. Consequently, the mail that came to the email is hidden in it, and the user needs to figure out which programs allow them to work with it.

By MIME type, the EML format is classified as RFC 822. It consists of a header and the actual message text. The header includes such elements as the title, all addresses, subject, etc. The rest is the text of the letter and related information.


We should try understanding the distinction among both these email formats and the need to transform MSG to EML:

  • EML is the widely used email format supported by various email for customers such as Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • EML is cross-platformed. It is supported by varieties of platforms like Android.
  • EML can also be controlled through a web browser such as IE, Chrome or Edge.
  • MSG file is more likely to be corrupted because it saves complete emails in one file. and, EML saves a file for each email. separately

You may want to transform your MSG file into EML format for one or more of the reasons described above.

How to Open EML Files in Windows

They are opened by the built-in Windows tools: the web archive (MHT) is opened in Internet Explorer (IE), and the mail message is opened in the built-in mail program Outlook Express or MS Office Outlook. 

We have mentioned these two formats in one sentence for a reason. The fact is that if necessary, you can view the EML file in the Windows Internet browser (IE). To do this, you only need to change the extension of the mail message. That is, by selecting the “Rename” command in the context menu for the desired file (or by pressing the “F2” key).

After this operation, when you click on the archive icon, it will open in IE. Of course, if this browser is listed on your system as the default browser for this format.

If another Internet program is configured by default, then the archive will open in it. There is one caveat here – not all third-party browsers can open web archives. These include Mozilla and some others. Therefore, if necessary, you need to select the “Open with …” command in the context menu and select a browser that supports this format (IE, Opera, etc.) in the submenu.

It should be noted that the question of how to open such files online (with the possibility of synchronization and remote control of the mailbox) has its specifics: emails can only be opened in the relevant programs. In browsers, they can only be read.

We hope this article will help you find a suitable method to convert MSG to EML.

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