How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm (Apr) Know Here!

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm (Apr) Know Here! >> Don’t know how to earn the medial in the multiplayer game? Read the whole post to know about some easy steps.

Are you curiously looking for How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm? This post will help you to earn you the medal in CODm. So, start reading!

Since the call of duty released in 2019 October, it has attracted many players throughout the Philippines and the rest of the world. As the game is getting its upgrades, the features of this game are getting interesting, and the players are getting attached to it.

Read this article to know the brief about the backstabber medal.

What is a backstabber medal?

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm is a challenging task which every player is concerned about but do not worry; we will soon reveal some steps to get this reward.

When someone plays in a multiplayer mode, they can unlock the backstabber medal in CODm by killing the enemy from behind and with melee. 

If you are a huge fan of this multiplayer game, you must know that this game has 43 medals and this backstabber medal is one of them.

If you kill a player or any of your enemies in this game, you will be rewarded with 1×backstabber medal, and if you want to know the total numbers, you can check out the player’s medal section for that.

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm?

Any player can earn this backstabber medal by following the given steps:

  • Open your game and enter the load-out step. 
  • Choose load out of your choice and click the secondary weapon slot. 
  • Now by simply killing their enemy from any knife or some other melee weapons from behind, you will earn the medal. 
  • You can only get this reward when you play this game three times in multiplayer mode.
  • Apart from the above thing, if you want to get an LK-24 alarm weapon in this call of duty game’s seasonal event, you have to get at least thrice, and that is a 3×backstabber medal. 

Final Verdict

Now you know How to Earn Backstabber Medal in CodmOne has to damage and slash their enemy’s back with some small weapon like a knife or some other melee weapon. This makes it necessary for player’s to get rewarded with a backstabber medal. 

So, did you find out the answer to earn a backstabber medal? If yes, then comment on your experience of playing this event in the comment box below. 

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