How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm (April) Know Here!

How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm

How To Earn Avenger Medal In Codm (April) Know Here! >> This article tells you about the procedure of getting a specific medal in a popular mobile game. Please check the details now.

How to Earn Avenger Medal in Codm has become a trendy query. Users are curious about the Avenger Medal available in the Call Of Duty Mobile game and want to find out how they can get their hands on this esteemed medal. This query is gaining traction due to its appearances in forums, blogs, and other platforms. 

Please continue reading this article to find out how you can get this medal in the game. We’ll also provide other relevant information. It has gained popularity in several regions like the Philippines, India, and the United States, where this game is quite popular.

What is CODM?

How to Earn Avenger Medal in Codm? To get information about it, first, let us tell you about CODM. If you play mobile games or keep track of the latest releases, you must know of CODM. It refers to the mobile version of the famous game Call Of Duty. 

As evident from the name, CODM stands for Call Of Duty: Mobile. Its gameplay is similar to the PC and other versions of this game. The developers released this mobile version back in October 2019 for Android and iOS. It’s pretty successful and among the most popular mobile games as it generated millions worth of revenue in its launch year. 

TiMi Studios developed this shooter game while Tencent, Garena, and VNG Games have looked over the publishing in some regions.

How to Earn Avenger Medal in Codm? 

Please look at the procedure given below to find how you can get this medal in the game.

  • There’s no shortage of medals in this popular mobile game. As sources reveal, this game has about 85 of them.
  • You can get 43 of all these medals by playing the multiplayer mode.
  • By performing the task required for getting the Avenger medal, you can quickly obtain it in multiplayer mode.
  • To get the Avenger Medal, you have to kill a player who killed your teammate, which makes you an avenger of your teammate, and hence, the medal name.
  • How to Earn Avenger Medal in Codm? There’s a simple trick of getting this medal quickly without spending too much time.
  • If you play a short match like Deathmatch on a small map and perform this task in the game, you’ll receive the medal. This method takes relatively more minor time.
  • This method is fantastic as it ensures you get the medal by performing the related task without any unfair means.

Final Verdict

Call Of Duty Mobile is among the most popular and successful shooter games on mobile currently. As a result, queries related to this game tend to be quite popular, like How to Earn Avenger Medal in Codm? The answer to it is given above; please look at it. 

What do you think of the COD Mobile game and this medal in particular? Let us know how our method of getting this medal works out for you in the comments section below. Feel free to reach out if you want to share anything.

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