How to Create Promo Videos for the Holiday Season

How to Create Promo Videos for the Holiday Season

Holiday videos are an excellent way to connect with your customers in the shopping spirit of the season. But, it can be hard to create an engaging video on your own if you’re not used to editing video or don’t have access to high-quality holiday footage. Fortunately, there are many platforms like this company that offer an online video editor. This tool can help you to create promo videos fast; whether you just want to throw together something simple or do some pretty advanced editing work.

If you’re hoping to boost your sale in the holiday season, then one of the first things you’ll need to do is create your promo video. Here are some steps to creating the best holiday promo video possible using an online video editor so that your customers can see your products or services in action.

Use an Online Video Editor

If you’re looking for an easy way to create your holiday promo video, we’ve got some great news. There are many sites and apps out there that make video editing easier than ever. 

One such site is iMovie (Mac only), which allows you to pick and choose from a wide range of audio and visual tools. Another great option for Mac users is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It has one-click editing features so you can add text, music, transitions, themes—whatever suits your fancy. Both sites offer free trials so it’s easy to get started. 

For PC users there are several video editing programs available. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t cost a dime, the Promo Editor might be worth a check.

Write Out a Script

Before you start creating your holiday promo video, it’s good to have a plan in mind. Think about how you can create something that will capture attention. And then write it down. 

Here are four easy steps you can take to ensure that your holiday promo video will be an online success.

  1. Pick your video theme and animation style. 

The theme should fit with your brand’s personality and target audience, while also being visually stimulating. If you’re creating a holiday promo video, consider what colors will stand out at Christmas time and what elements are key to promoting your products or services.

  1. Think about your video length. 

This may vary depending on what you’re promoting. But it’s generally best to keep videos short and sweet. Online viewers tend to be more interested in shorter pieces than longer ones, and many people will tune out if your promo is too long or boring. 

  1. Tell your story in an interesting way. 

Your video should tell a story or describe why you’re different from your competitors. One of the best things about online videos is that you can include relevant information without worrying about how it will be read or if viewers will understand what you’re saying. All you need to do is present it clearly and effectively. So take advantage of that by creating engaging video content.

Get Costumes for Videos

If you’re planning on shooting some holiday-themed videos, you might want to get your hands on some seasonal costumes. 

Renting costumes is an easy way to get everything you need at a low cost. You can do so through Costume SuperCenter. It has dozens of options for anything from angels and snowmen, to police officers and pirates. Hitting up local thrift stores in search of holiday clothing is also an option. Maybe you have some clothes lying around that work well with your theme, or perhaps you want to create them yourself? 

It’s best to find out before you shoot! If not, don’t worry. You can always call in professional costume designers later on in post-production.

Animate the Video

Animated videos are an excellent way to grab attention during holiday promotions. Such videos for business are often bright, exciting. and fun. So think about adding a little color and pizazz to your next promotion. 

While there are more obvious reasons why they work, animated holiday videos can drive awareness, engagement, and boost your brand’s perception among potential customers with little budget. These videos are also an opportunity for your company to establish itself as an industry leader by taking part in fun, memorable, entertaining content.

Edit Your Video

Editing is where you put it all together. You can spend countless hours shooting footage, but if your video doesn’t flow smoothly, viewers will be turned off.

Find an online video editor that suit what you need.. offers an online video editor that’s pretty sweet. With this tool, it’s easy to start editing video by first combining clips together and then adding transitions between them. It’s simple and fast!

Promote Your Videos Online

Promoting your holiday promo video is just as important as creating it. 

With more and more people turning to online sources for information and entertainment, there’s no better time than now to get involved in social media and online marketing. 

Now, if you don’t already have an active social media presence, then build one now. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all very effective at promoting your holiday videos online. Pinterest may also work well.

Your friends will spread your promo video on social media too. This means that it will reach new people every day. Also, all of these platforms offer basic marketing features that you can use to make sure your video is seen by as many eyes as possible.

Final Word

As marketers, we know that videos are crucial for attracting clients and getting them to buy. Let us begin by saying that it’s never too early (or late) in December to start planning for next year. Start by watching last year’s promo video, looking at customer comments and interactions, and thinking about how you can improve things. Also, make sure you have all of your holiday product data entered into your store. If anything is missing (such as new lines or different UPC codes), be sure to enter that now.

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