How To Change My Name On Among Us (April) Answered Here!

How To Change My Name On Among Us

How To Change My Name On Among Us (April) Answered Here! >> The write-up shares the methods of changing the account name in the famous social deduction game.

How To Change My Name On Among Us is the question that many players in the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom are asking.

When you first started booting up the game on PC or mobile, the account name was created, and it was set by default. If you want to change or give a new name to your game account, you need to change it manually.

For your assistance and help, this guide is created that provides a quick rundown of the methods to change the name in Among Us. 

You have to understand that the query How To Change Name On Among Us Mobile and PC is quite the same. So, please continue reading to learn the methods of changing the name in the game.

What are the Limits to Change Among Us Name?

The game developer has not set any limit to change the name or account name on Among Us. It indicates that players can change the default account name as many times as they want. 

However, it is necessary to know the correct methods for changing the name successfully. Besides, it is also essential to know supported platforms where players can change the names. 

Android, iOS, and Windows PC are the supporting platforms, and players can follow the steps to alter the account name across these platforms. 

How To Change My Name On Among Us – The Step by Step Guide!

In many cases, players don’t want to change the name they got by default when they first boot up the game. However, if players want to create a unique game name, they must do it manually by following the below steps:

  • Players have to launch the Among Us game on their PC, Android device, or iOS device.
  • As the game launches, players need to navigate to the online or local menu and access the main menu screen from there.         
  • In the main menu, they will see a box at the top corner of the screen. It is the crucial step of How To Change My Name On Among Us. 
  • If you have not played any game, the box will appear blank, and if you have played any game, it will display the player name. 
  • You have to delete the name and type the new name you want to create and ensure that the name comprises ten characters. 
  • After typing the name you want to create, you need to proceed and tap out of the box, and the name you entered would get saved.
  • Now, whenever you launch the game, it will show the new name created by you. 


Hopefully, you are aware of the steps of How To Change Name On Among Us Mobile and PC.

Among Us is the new online sensation, and it has resulted in an invasion of emergency meeting memes. Players start gaming with the default name created at the time of booting up the game. However, there are possibilities to change the default name. 

The process needs to be completed manually, and the steps are mentioned above. Please follow the steps carefully and change the Among Us Name quickly.

Did you already change your account name? Please the methods for others in the comment section.

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