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How To Change Discord Banner Mobile {Aug} Read It!

How To Change Discord Banner Mobile {Aug} Read It!>> Scroll down the page to reveal some easy steps for changing discord banners.

Do you also prefer Discord for online game interactions? Are you also looking out for the steps to change the same? If yes, then this article has something amazing to serve you with. 

Some of the benefits can also be availed by regular account holders. But these services are only available for Nitro Members. People in the United States are too excited about these changes and frequently search for How To Change Discord Banner Mobile.  

There are new additions introduced in Discord, and the same has also enhanced the account banner and profile appearance choices.

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Details about Discord:

Discord has the unique feature which allows people from all countries to connect. This can be done through video, audio, and over text. They can also join the servers where they give the option to connect in even bigger groups. The platform’s independence is the reason behind its success, though.

How To Change Discord Banner Mobile?

This setting is recently added to the platform, and under this, the user can easily customize their profiles and change its appearance for the members. Steps to change the same are as follows:

  • You first need to go for the User Settings, and the same is done through the Gear Icon present at the left bottom corner of the app.
  • Next, you need to navigate the tab for user profiles.
  • Now you need to press the change avatar button.

These are thus the simple steps for How To Change Discord Banner Mobile!

Details about Adding Profile Banner in Discord:

Non-Nitro Members only have some limited possibilities for banner modifications. In this, you will only have the options for selected neutral colors and some of the simple patterns. If you have normalized Nitro Vintage, you can get access to multiple additional options too. You also will have the chance to freely get and upload a banner of yours.

How To Update Your Account Name?

After reading out the easy steps for How To Change Discord Banner Mobile, let’s get into some insights into changing the account name. You need to follow the below mentioned easy steps for the same:

  • You need to first navigate to your user profile.
  • Next, click on your account of yours, and customize or change the name that you like.
  • After you’re done with all the details and selections, press done for the final changes to be saved.

Final Verdict:

This article took you to some easy steps to answer How To Change Discord Banner Mobile. Discord platform is thus designed for the games and also has emerged into different groups.

All the details about the same are mentioned for your clarity. In case you want to dig into the depths of the platform, read here: .

Also, please help us know in the comments section below whether this article was useful for you or not.

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