How To Buy Bonfire Coin (April) A Step-By-Step-Guide!

How To Buy Bonfire Coin (April) A Step-By-Step-Guide!

How To Buy Bonfire Coin (April) A Step-By-Step-Guide! >> The write-up shares the methods of buying the new type of crypto coin in the market.  

If you are into the crypto business, you probably know that a new type of cryptocurrency or coin is introduced every day in the market. Bonfire Coin is the new Crypto Coin introduced in the market, and it has gained immense popularity amongst worldwide buyers. 

As the crypto coin got popular, the coin’s market cap is rapidly increasing and allowing the holders to make huge profits out of the crypto coin. 

Since the crypto coin is new in the market and allows holders to make profits, others search for the guide on How To Buy Bonfire Coin.

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What is Bonfire Coin?

Bonfire Coin is the new crypto coin claiming to become the next biggest crypto coin in the market. Bonfire is the yield-generating contract that claims to help holders to seek coverage when there is market chaos. It means the holder gets the maximum protection against market fluctuation. 

Presently, the crypto coin has over 1,000,000,000,000,000 supplies in the market. Each coin is increasing its value with a 10% tax in every transaction. The crypto coin has emerged as the efficient method to encourage the buyers to hold the coin longer until the value increases, and they make flaccid income out of the coin.   

Because of the popularity of the crypto coin, worldwide buyers want to know How To Buy Bonfire Coin. However, before you start buying the new crypto coin, you need to know certain essential facts.

Quick Facts Before Buying Bonfire Coin

  • The crypto coin is only available on the PANCAKESWAP app and website
  • You can find extra details of the krypton coin on PooCoin and BSCScan for chart
  • You must have the Trust or MetaMask wallet to buy the Bonfire coin 
  • You may swap the BNB crypto into Bonfire on the platform

Step by Step Guide on How To Buy Bonfire Coin

If you fulfill the above criteria, you may proceed with the methods to buy your bonfire coin. As mentioned, the crypto coin is available only on the PANCAKESWAP application or website.

  • Buyers have to visit the PANCAKESWAP app or website to swap the BNB crypto into Bonfire Coin.
  • You are required to have MetaMask or Trust wallet with sufficient money to buy the coin
  • Tap on the “Trade” menu of the application, followed by the “Exchange” button
  • You have to paste the contract address to swap the BNB into Bonfire coin and ensure to modify the slippage to 12%, and this is How To Buy Bonfire Coin online  

You have to follow these steps carefully when buying the crypto coin from the platform of PANCAKESWAP. The crypto coin price keeps fluctuating, and you have to keep this in mind when purchasing the crypto coin or swap BNB crypto into Bonfire Coin.


Bonfire Crypto Token is the new crypto coin with more than 8291 holders across the world. It has registered over 19001 transfers to date and has a huge market cap, attracting many investors and buyers globally. 

The price of crypto coins is increasing rapidly, and you must check the chart before buying the crypto coin and should explore well. The above guide on How To Buy Bonfire Coin may help you make the process of buying the coin easier.   

Have you ever tried buying the Bonfire Coin? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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