How Many Times Was Lil Tjay Shot {June 2022} Read Here!

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In this post, How Many Times Was Lil Tjay Shot, his present condition, his emergency surgery, who shot him, and many more latest updates are noted here.

Did you hear about the tragic news of Lil Tjay? Someone shot him but who, and why? Famous rapper and singer Lil tjay of the United States was shot early morning on Wednesday near a shopping mall in the Edgewater area. Please continue reading this post to know, How Many Times Was Lil Tjay Shot who shot him, whether he was alone, and his present condition.

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Lil Tjay Shot At New Jersey

  •  Tjay( specifically  Tione Jayden Merritt, 21 years old ) was shot numerous times in a shopping mall walking area near Edgewater. Lil tjay and his friend were hurt during this happening.
  • His friends Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd were also with him during this incident. 
  • According to official sources, Lil tjay was shot multiple times, and his friend Antoine Boyd was fired once. The police confirmed it was a case of robbery and illegal firing.

Who Shot Lil tjay? And How Many Times Did Lil Jay Get Shot

  • According to the Edgewater police official, the man who illegally shot Lil Tjay multiple times was caught and taken into custody just hours after the happening. The police department confirmed that his name is Mohamed Konate, and he is 27 years old. He attempted to rob Lil tjay and his friends. He also shot them illegally at the walking area of a shopping mall in Edgewater.
  • The man Mohamed Konate who opened fire on Lil tjay and his friend, is taken into custody. Now he faces numerous charges, specifically attempted murder, robbery, and weapons-related charges. 

How Is the Condition Of Lil tjay? How Many Times Did Lil Tjay Get Shot

  • After being shot numerous times, tjay was taken to the hospital. tjay had gone through emergency surgery, and he is doing better. His friend Antoine Boyd was shot once and also taken to hospital.

Are Lil Tjay’s Friends In Jail At Present?

  • Tjay was shot numerous times, and his friend Antoine Boyd was shooted once by the robber. According to official sources, his friend Antoine Boyd and Jeffrey Valdez were arrested by the police on weapons occupancy charges and later taken to Bergen County prison, as confirmed by the police official.

In this article  How Many Times Did Lil Jay Get Shot, we would also like to inform our readers that Lil tjay has a massive fan following and has 70,00,000 followers on instagram. he also posted a post after this incident on instagram.


We have informed our readers about famous rapper and singer Lil tjay, who was shot numerous times and experienced trouble surgery. We have also covered the facts of who shot him and his friend, which the official police department of Edgewater confirmed. For details, visit this link

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