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Have you any idea how much suicide has been attempted in a year? Do you want to know the facts and figures of the Suicides? Suicide is increasing year-to-year Worldwide.

Today’s topic of discussion is very sensitive, and we need to pay attention to it to save lives. In the discussion, we are talking about –How Many Suicides Have Happened In 2022, so we will study the rate of deaths and the reasons behind it. Stay with our article and continue to read.

What is the suicide rate throughout the world?

The rate of suicidal deaths has gone increased in a few years. Especially due to this pandemic, several people have attempted suicide due to further issues. This pandemic has broken individuals’ mental and physical health.

Several people have got depressed due to business loss, lost jobs, lethal health issues, etc. That’s why individuals attempt suicide, and it is not a problem faced by one country or state. 

Suicides This Year 2022 Live and previous data show that around 800,000 people commit suicides in the world each year, so we can roughly estimate that one death every 40 seconds.

What can be the causes of suicide?

Suicidal thoughts arise when the individual becomes unable to cope with the situation. The situation can be financial problems, lost dear one, break-ups or facing any uncured physical condition, etc. The following can be the reasons that lead to an individual toward suicides-

  • Family history of suicides.
  • Depression, ignorance, to adopt negative thoughts.
  • Mental or physical health problems.
  • Addiction to alcohol, bipolar disorder, loneliness etc.

How Many Suicides Have Happened In 2022 with the latest Suicides data?

Researchers say that around 800,000 peoples commit suicide each year, and suicide is the second largest reason for death in teenagers, especially in 15 to 24 years. We are sharing facts of suicides through analyzing various parameters.

  • Based on Gender difference– The fact says females think more about suicides in comparison to males. Based on a report in India, 41thousand female deaths happened due to suicides in 2019, while 97 thousand males attempted suicides in the same year. So suicide among males is 4x higher in comparison to females.
  • Age Difference- Suicides This Year 2022 Live facts show that 1 in 100,000 children ages 10 to 14 commit suicide each year. It is the 2nd leading reason of death among 15 to 24-year-old Americans. Suicide is the 4th leading reason for 18 to 65 age group individuals. The rates of suicide among elders who are divorced or widowed are highest.
  • Genital Identity- LGBTQ people become victims of physical abuse and verbal harassment, so they become 2.5x more victims of suicide. 

The Concluding Statement-

We study the death rate due to suicide and its causes. We also mention the data of suicides based on a few parameters in How Many Suicides Have Happened In 2022. If you want to do more research on the topic, visit here to know How many suicides have happened .

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