How many Registered Voters In The U.S. 2020 (Dec) Facts!

How many Registered Voters In The U.S. 2020 Tv

How many Registered Voters in the U.S. 2020 (Dec) Facts!   >> This article gives you the information about the election held in 2020 and discloses some numbers that a resident must be aware of.

Do you want to know in-depth details of the U.S. Election 2020? If yes, this is the desired page for you, as you will get to know all the relevant points a resident must be aware of.

Elections are the backbone of every country as they help choose the person capable of handling it and is also responsible for its growth. The leaders take many programs, rallies, and other initiatives to make people aware of their policies and inform them how the other is better. 

We all are aware of these procedures and also have witnessed them at least once.

All the information about the election held on 3rd November 2020 are thus mentioned below. Scroll down for details. This article is useful for the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and people worldwide.

We have also mentioned the details about How many Registered Voters in the U.S. 2020.

Information about U.S. Elections 2020:

The 59th Presidential Quadrennial Elections were held on 3rd November 2020 Tuesday. Joe Biden was elected as the president’s president, and Kamala Harris was the new vice president for the country.

They defected Donald Trump with 74 electoral votes. The U.S. also witnessed the highest number of voters in its history. The pandemic’s elections were also affected, and there were new sets of rules and regulations imposed, keeping all the safety measures in mind. The officials also promoted a mail-in voting procedure, where people can vote digitally from their places.

How many Registered Voters in the U.S. 2020?

The statistics of the elections are mentioned below for clarity. The government has declared the number of voters and also votes won by the leaders. They have stated that around 158 million votes were cast in the 2020 elections, breaking all the records. Out of these 158 million votes, about 100 million were cast a day before the election through mail ballot or early voting.

The two primary tickets each received around 74 million votes, breaking Obama’s 69.5 Million votes in 2008. Biden-Harris ticket received about 81 million votes.

Joe Biden from the democratic party got 51.31% votes, 306 electoral votes, and Donald Trump from the Republican got 46.86% votes and 232 electoral votes.

Thus, we provided you with all the numbers you have been looking for in the article about How many Registered Voters in the U.S. 2020.

Final Verdict:

This article gave you all the information about the elections held in the United States. They witnessed the highest number of voters to date in 2020, despite the pandemic. The officials took all the necessary steps towards the residents’ safety and introduced new features to vote from their houses. 

We hope that you have found all the answers to your questions you were looking for.

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15 Comments on “How many Registered Voters In The U.S. 2020 (Dec) Facts!”

  1. You didn’t answer the question at all! You just said how many votes were cast. How does address the question of how many registered voters there were????

    1. How many registered voters? 153 million. How many votes cast,159 million!!! PLENTY of room for fraud wouldn’t you say?

      1. Yes,there is plenty of room for fraud. The article I read said only 133 million were registered to vote. Regardless,more people voted then were registered.

  2. This literally does NOT state how many registered voters there are in the US. It only states how many votes in 2020. Those two numbers are not the same.

  3. You still did not answer the question of how many registered voters are in the United States and you cite no references. A bull crap article.

  4. You did not answer the question- REGISTERED voters- not votes cast. It’s my understanding that registered voters were 140 million- NOT the 159 million cast.

    BTW: could someone please pick up and remove the drop-off voting boxes (uncounted ballots and all) in N. California? Every department called said it’s not their job.

  5. You still didn’t tell how many registered voters there were.
    I saw in another article the number of “eligible voters”. What is that?
    In Ohio we have to be registered in order to vote. We would not be “eligible” if we were not registered.
    So don’t tell me you answered my question-you just skirted around it with some bogus numbers.

  6. So you say there are about 153.07 million registered voters. You also state there were about 158 million voters in the 2020 election. You also state Biden/Harris received about 81 million and Trump/Pence about 74 million for a total of 155 million. I read some place that about 66 per cent of the registered voters voted. Please explain. This just does not compute.

    1. Your right I heard as low as 50% of registered voters vote. Hang in there Trump will rightfully be put back as president when the exposure comes out.

  7. You told how many people voted, and who they voted for. Again, pay attention, “how many registered voters are there in the United States”. This article looks like it was written by Pravda 100 years ago.

  8. The election is a fraud.
    153 million registered voters, 155 million voters.
    2 million is enough to change the balance considering states were took from Trump with a 0.01% margin.

  9. Your numbers don’t add up first and foremost. First you say the two primary parties each received about 74 million votes but then say the Biden/Harris ticket received 84 million votes. So which is it? The 74 million for Trump plus the 84 million you say Biden won equals 158 million votes cast when you said total registered voters was 153 million. Where did the other 5 million votes come from?

  10. Typical liberal democrat site avoiding the answer to the question. There has NEVER been a 100% turn out of registered voters at a presidential election. 60% is viewed as a huge turnout. This site just answered the question of who actually won the election. Donald Trump won by a landslide.

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