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How Long Can Electric Lamp {May} Know Complete Answer!

This write-up on How Long Can Electric Lamp will give you in-depth knowledge about electric lamps’ work and uses.

How does an electric lamp stay lit? Electric lamp. The electric light bulb has been dubbed the most important invention since the discovery of man-made fire. It is impossible to have a nightlife without this idea globally, even if it is in the United Arab Emirates or India. This post will tell you about How Long Can Electric Lamp can light. 

Kindly read this post to know more about electric lamps, as it includes all the details about a lamp.

Why does everyone want to know about electric bulbs?

As we know, it is the most basic and important thing which is helpful for us in completing our daily life tasks. Good lighting can also be useful for our eyes as it reduces eye strain. First, we will tell you about watt. If 120 volts are put across the bulb’s terminals, it consumes 100 power. If left on for an hour, the bulb will burn 100 watt-hours of energy. How Long Can an Electric Lamp of 100W lit? 

An electric bulb can last between 800 and 2000 hours if we leave it on. A 100 w of bulb will consume 0.1 kWh of electricity per hour. The earliest electric light was created by Humphry Davy in 1802. He explored electricity power and invented the battery-powered idea. First, he tried to explore it and then got an idea and connected the battery with a little piece of carbon that created light. This invention was named the Electric Arc Lamp. Students study about this fantastic invention in school and colleges.

How Long Can Electric Lamp?

Let’s find out how long an electric lamp glows by fusion of 2.0 kg of deuterium; take the equation:



Number of molecules in 2 kg deuterium =2000×1023×26.023 =6.023×1026

The energy freed when 2 molecules fuse = 3.27MeV

Thus, the total energy freed =6.023×23.27 ×1026MeV=15.75×1013J.

Bulb energy consumption per second=100J.

Thus, the duration of the bulb’s illumination = 10015.75×1013s=15.75×1011s=4.99×107years.

Here is the solution for this equation, and if we talk about its definition, an electric lamp is a device that produces light and helps us make things visible in the dark. So now you know How Long Can Electric Lamp stay lit if left on.

Working of an Electric Lamp

An electric bulb works when the current flows through a thin metal wire connected to electric voltage inside an evacuated (no air or oxygen) glass balloon. Because the wire is so thin, electricity has a hard time passing through it, leading it to become extremely hot or “white-hot.” That’s the light you’re seeing.


Summing up this write-up, we have informed our readers about the most important and useful invention to date, the electric lamp, and how it has improved our lives and made life easy How Long Can Electric Lamp stay lit? Please check this link to know more about Electric Lights

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