How Did Momiji Break His Curse (Nov) Get Details Now!

How Did Momiji Break His Curse (May) Get Details Now!

How Did Momiji Break His Curse (Nov) Get Details Now! >> The article gives a description of the fantastic series of cursed and possessed family, with superpowers and bubbly characters.

Are you one of those who love watching anime manga television series? Then, this article has something likely good for you.

Today’s article is on – How Did Momiji Break His Curse; it is one famous manga television series. In the United States, Manga was so much in trend. 

To know what is Momiji curse and Momiji. Please keep reading the article to learn more about the most loved manga series.

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Who Is Momiji?

Momiji is a character in the famous animated television series Fruit Basket. The full name of Momiji is Momiji Sohma, a student and a member of the Sohma clan. He is the second character who broke his curse with violin skills. The series has cursed, to know How Did Momiji Break His Curse stick to the article to know about the curse. 

What Is Fruit Basket?

Fruit Basket in Japanese is termed Furūtsu Basuketto. It is directed by Akitaro Daichi and written by Higuchi Tachibana. It has been originally running from 5th July 2001-27th December.

The story is based on an orphan girl who meets Soma family.

 She came to know that all of them are possessed by the Chinese Zodiac Animals and cursed. The curse changes them to the zodiac animal they are. It leads when they are anxious, scared, and appreciated by the opposite sex without zodiac spirit possessions. 

How Did Momiji Break His Curse

The character of Momiji is possessed with the spirit of a rabbit among the zodiacs. As seen in the storyline, whenever Momiji gets a hug from another gender, feels scared, etc. He transforms into a rabbit of Chinese zodiac form.

In the series, Momiji’s curse broke suddenly; the reason for breaking the curse is unknown. It was also said that Tohru ( the orphan girl is meant to free the Sohma family from the curse). It was seen that the characters cry in happiness and sadness all together as now they are free from the curse but alone.

Interesting Factors about Momiji

  • While researching for – How Did Momiji Break His CurseHis childish nature is nothing more than a façade; he has been observed as a mature character according to the viewers.
  • It has also been seen that he develops his love interest towards Tohru.
  • He is of fifteen years but doesn’t look that way. He looks younger than his age. 
  • The characters appear to grow quicker than expected.
  • The character is built in a male, but it has been noticed that he initially preferred a woman’s attire.


In the final verdict of the article, hoping you got the answer to – How Did Momiji Break His CurseThe rabbit is the fourth zodiac animal in Chinese. 

Momiji got possessed with the rabbit. If you want to know more about this fantastic series, click on this to see details.

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