How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away {July} Read It!

How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away 2021
How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away {July} Read It! >> Here is the news about the death of the a famous American singer!

Fetty Wap is an American singer, songwriter and rapper well known among the United States and Canada people. It’s noted a few days back with the news of Fetty Wap daughters death.

How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away? After the confirmation stated of his daughter’s death, the public is curious to know the reason for his daughter’s passing away and what happened to her.

This particular guide will display a brief idea about this news. Do read!

Who Is Fetty Wap?

  • Known as Fetty Wap as his stage name born on 7th June 1991 by the name as Willie Junior Maxwell ll
  •  He is an American songwriter, singer and rapper 
  • He achieved prominence after debuting “Trap Queen”. It got the second number on hot 100 US billboards in 2015 May.
  • He got six children getting in relation with five women, and now it’s been in people’s mind What Happened To Fetty Wap Daughter 
  • Fetty Wap 5th child named Lauren is said to have passed away, and she was said to be four years old.

About Fetty Waps Children’s:

This American Singer is a father of six children, namely

  1. Aydin was born on 2011 May
  2. Zaviera was born in March 2015
  3. Khari was born in March 2016
  4. Amani was born in April 2016
  5. Lauren was born in 2017 and died in 2021
  6. Zy was born in 2018

The news spreading around is about his fifth daughter Lauren who was four years old, passing away.

So when Was This News Made Official By Fetty Wap?

Let’s see How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away 

It was confirmed on the 25th of July Sunday while Fetty wap gave a loud rolling performance and stated his baby girl’s death.

He wrote “Lolo Daddy Did That Shit For You Last Night” as a message to her. In addition, he gave a tribute to Lauren, his late four-year-old daughter, by giving a loud performance last night.

The crowd at that moment responded to his statement with outpouring support.

Lauren was born in 2017 with their mother as Turquoise Miami. Later the story was removed about the announcement of little one passing away out of respect as the singer seemed to keep this matter private.

How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away?

In 2019 reports were seen stating Maxwell daughter undergoing some emergency surgery. However, there was no official statement issued regarding this.

But recently, people noticed Fetty waps post of tribute to his little one, late Lauren. Later the post was deleted as it was decided to keep this news private. The dead reason is still unknown to people.


Finally, we wind up this discussion here. Entire Details that we accessed while searching for about Fetty Waps daughters death that’s all we got to know, which is stated up.

How Did Fetty Wap Daughter Passed Away is not yet disclosed anywhere in the media. Also, the location of the funeral and burial is not yet revealed?

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