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Not many people know that the original name of Buzz Aldrin is Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. Are you curious to know who this person is? Buzz Aldrin is a former American Astronaut and the second to reach the moon. He is from the United States. He legally changed his name later in his life. 

There’s an interesting story behind this. This article will talk about How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname

The story behind the name change

There is a very interesting story about his name from Edwin to Buzz. So, he had a sister named Fay Ann. She used to mispronounce her brother as a ‘buzzer’ as a child, and later it went to ‘Buzz.’ His family later kept his name as Buzz, which he got in childhood. It was all a story of mispronunciation of his sister, a sister-brother story as children. 

About Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin was born on 20 January 1930 in the United States. Buzz aldrin Nickname became his legal name during his childhood. Earlier, his name was Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. He Started with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and he became a fighter pilot. In 1963, he earned a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then he joined NASA; he became a member of the group NASA. 

His middle school hosts a STEAM Career Day each year. The program’s point is to enhance the learning of your choice to mold the careers. He is an inspiration in a way. 

How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname

As we know, Buzz got his nickname changed to his real name legally in his childhood. His sister used to call him Buzzer as a brother, and his parents shortened it to Buzz in the latter days. This story came to light recently because of the STEAM Career Day in middle school of Buzz. The event has been held in his school successfully for the last 7 years. 

Why was he called Dr. Rendezvous? 

Buzz was the second person to land on the moon. How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname? He was the first astronaut to land on the moon with a doctoral degree. His fellow named him as a compliment; he was called ‘Dr. Rendezvous. He had those skills and expertise, and hence he was called that. 


We have spoken about Buzz Aldrin, his nickname, and all other details in this article. His name was changed because of his sister, as she used to call him Buzzer. His name was legally changed in the ’80s; his last name was Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr.  Are you interested in knowing more about Buzz Aldrin ? Then follow this link on How Did Buzz Aldrin Get His Nickname. 

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