Housingiskey .com (March) Get All The Details Here!

Housingiskey .com 2021

Housingiskey .com (March) Get All The Details Here! >> Do you want to know about the details of the rent relief program? Then please continue reading the article below.

Housingiskey .com: We all know how difficult the last year was. Many have lost their jobs, and many were homeless. Finally, the situation is coming to normal bit by bit. To help the low-income Californians, this portal is designed to give unpaid rents.

If you stay in the United States and look for useful information about the portal, please stay tuned with us because you are in the right place. 

Note: housingiskey.com redirecting to housing.ca.gov portal.

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What is Housingiskey com?

It is an online portal that helps landlords and renters to obtain their unpaid rents during the time frame in the Covid-19 pandemic phase. Housingiskey .com is specially designed for low-income California residents. Both eligible Landlords and Renters can apply to the program.

If you are staying in the United States looking out for help, you can surely check this website. The application must include all required details and a verification document. Once the application is submitted, both landlords and renters get the notification about the application’s status. 

How does it work?

For Landlords:

  • One who takes part in the CA COVID-19 Rent relief program can get 80% reimbursement.
  • If unpaid rent between April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021. Please stay connected to know more about the Housingiskey .com. 
  • Suppose the landlords give up taking the 20% unpaid rents during the same period.

For Renters:

  • Eligible Renters can apply to this program on their own if their landlords do not take part in the program.
  • In this case, the renter receives 25% of unpaid rent between April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021.
  • Paying this 25% of rent by June 30, 2021, can make you keep in the home for mentioned extended time.

How to apply on Housingiskey .com?

  • Go to the official website and scroll down below.
  • You get complete details of the program here; go through it thoroughly.
  • Make all paper works needed for the program ready and apply.
  • Check the website regularly for more updates.

Is It A Safe Site?

Let us know the online portal legitimacy here; as per the research, the site is created on 2020-08-20, which is more than six months old. And only a few user reviews is available over the internet.

The trust index, housingiskey.com, has only 6%, whereas the redirecting site has a 99% trust index. 

Customer Reviews

Let us know what people are saying about the portal. The site is active on various social media. Since Housingiskey .com is a newly launched site, only a few user responses are available over the internet.

One of the users says all the details are available on the social media site. And another user enquires about a particular program from when will the application be open? 

Final Verdict

The world continues to recover from the Covid-19 impact; the website is designed to help the renters pay the past and future rents to their landlord. Go through the site to check if you are eligible or not.

From the overall analysis, we found that some positive points are that, the redirecting site have a 99% trust index and available on the social media pages. But still, we recommend you to examine from your end and go for it.

How did the Housingiskey .com site work for you? Please do share it with us in the comment section below.

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