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Horizon Forbidden West Romance- Why Aloy Has No Love Interest

Horizon Forbidden West Romance: Sony released the Horizon Zero Dawn five years ago in 2017, and the PlayStation exclusive swiftly rose to award-winning titles for the console. Its developer, Guerilla Games, was well known for its Killjoy game franchise before this. However, Aloy became a fan favorite for her machine-ridden world to many PlayStation die-hards.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

The original installment was focused on Aloy, who was trying to discover the truth about her birth mother. This self-discovery journey led Aloy to hunt down the cults responsible for the death of her tribe following the Proving. Now, finally, the second installment, Horizon Forbidden West, hit the PlayStation consoles and continues Aloy’s journey.

The first installment is that Aloy had no option of romancing with other NPCs in the game. A recurring feature in many games is that they make space for romantic storylines, but this was not the case for Horizon Zero Dawn. In the very long wait for this game, players have been wondering if Aloy will at least in the second installment be allowed to form romantic relationships with other NPCs in the game. The answer to that is no, not unlike the first installment; Aloy will not be falling in love this time around either.

The second installment, Horizon Forbidden West, is heavier on the RPG features than the first installment. 

Love Is Not On The Cards For Aloy

It is common in games, shows, movies, and books to make space in the plotlines for romantic connections. However, that has never been the case for Aloy. Romantic choices are more often than not a very prominent part of a plotline. Also, their characters developing and the fact that Aloy had none of this made players very frustrated. Players made up potential romantic choices for Aloy, from the fierce hunter Talanah to the loveable Sun-King Avad, Aloy’s trusty friend Varl, or perhaps the mustachioed Erend. Aloy was not short of choices. She could’ve been with Talanah, who is oddly the perfect person for her or with Erend, who has been holding a boombox out of her window forever. 

Potential Lovers for Aloy

There was no shortage of potential imaginary connections for Aloy. However, sadly, that’s all they were, imaginary. In reality, you will not fall into any love stories through Aloy. Like many of us, you might even be wondering why? Why doesn’t Aloy get to experience romantic feelings? The answer to that question is that Aloy is just too busy to date. I mean, if you had to save the whole damn world yourself, would you have time or any interest to be involved in boy drama? No, right?

Developers on Aloy’s Lack of Relationships

Herman Hulst, an Executive for the Horizon Developers Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios, said that Aloy is very driven and on a mission, so the decision to make her a loner was very intentional. She was born as an outcast which has shaped much of her character. He also said that she was too driven to waste any time in the game through romantic relationships. Hulst also noted that there were a lot of requests for romantic relationships for Aloy and that the players were interested in exploring Aloy’s romantic interests. Still, Aloy did not have much time for relationships in Horizon Forbidden West, much like its predecessor. 

Fan Theories & More

Aloy’s lack of interest in any romantic relationships is also explained through fan theories that do sound quite likely. A theory suggests that Aloy cannot have any romantic relationships because her long-dead genetic clone Dr. Elisabeth Sobek did not have any inclination to relationships. This was revealed in one of the finale spoiler-laced scenes from Horizon Zero Dawn, which showed that Aloy was a genetically-identical clone of a scientist named Sorbet. In the end scenes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Sobeck is seen explaining to Gaia that romance was not essential for her since she never had time to have children. This might be similar for her genetic close friend, Aloy. 

Another theory states that adding this information to Aloy’s genetic inheritance to massive extinction-like events and her lonely upbringing might help the players understand why romance was not essential or exciting. Aloy is set as an independent lead, which makes sense considering her upbringing. She grew up around her adoptive father and only gained a community around her after showing her worth in the Proving. Aloy is a loner, a fact highlighted in the plotline pushing away any romantic interventions for Aloy, building her character.

Aloy’s Other Relationships

Romantic relationships are not the only type of relationship for a person. And in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy’s non-romantic relationships will be pushed and explored in new directions. The recurring character Varl has a much beefier role in the second installment, even getting his unique Focus gadget in the opening quest and joining Aloy in multiple fights against the robots plaguing the land, who are mildly animal-shaped and quite pesky looking. Erend, like Varl, is also returning and getting his Focus gadget as well, a step forward for his character. 

Another character that’s returning is Sylens, still an ambiguous presence helping Aloy but at the same time managing to put her and the world in significant threats and dangers. Styles is also why Aloy moves west in the plot, and it’ll be interesting to witness their love/hate relationship build. Mostly, hate, though. 

Aloy has to find the answers to so many problems and navigate a whole lot of complex fleshed-out characters, leaving her no time to romance anyway.

So, to conclude, Aloy has been portrayed as a loner, so the choice of no romantic relationships is par for the course. But, if the players want to see it, the developers might have to oblige in the next installment, and the players might get to witness Aloy fall in love.

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