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Hopper Verification Code Scam: What Text Users Are Getting? Find it’s Authenticity.

Hopper Verification Code Scam Text tricks users into disclosing their codes, risking account security and financial loss. Check out its plot now!

Hopper, Inc., a company rooted in American tech, was birthed in 2007. Its original forte lay in aiding airlines with pricing strategies. Later, it broadened its scope, catering to consumers’ travel needs, notably through its mobile app. Let’s analyze latest Hopper Verification Code Scam Text in Canada and the United States.

About Hopper Verification Code Scam:

An 800notes.com user, @Ron Smock, reported receiving a Hopper Verification Code on 7th/February/2024 at 12:18 AM ET from 855-366-2242. This number was also reported on 19th/October/2023. Sixteen users had reported receiving Hopper Verification Code form 855-366-2242 within past 21-hours.

While several users stated that they did not know what the verification code was related to, others who are aware of Hopper Inc., its website, mobile app, and services either informed that they did not sign in, did not request a verification code, (or) did not have their contact numbers registered for receiving Hopper Verification Code Text!

Evolution of Hopper:

Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwerkerk spearheaded this transition, steering company towards creating user-centric travel applications supporting renting hotel rooms, homes, cars, etc.

Scams and Mitigation:

Despite Hopper’s vigilant security protocols, nefarious elements persist in exploiting the Verification Code system for illicit gain. These perpetrators employ diverse stratagems, including deceptive text messages and fraudulent phone calls, aiming to hoodwink users into revealing their Verification Codes.

Phishing Attempts:

A prevalent tactic involves phishing texts masquerading as Hopper or reputable sources. Crafted to resemble legitimate correspondence, these messages confound users, rendering discernment challenging. Upon engagement, scammers may escalate, impersonating customer service representatives to extract sensitive data, including Verification Codes.

Hopper Verification Code Scam—User Vulnerability:

Users tried to ensure that messages claiming to be from Hopper or other services were legitimate. But, this process is disguised as one of the Smishing attempts. Users tend to call 855-366-2242 out of curiosity. In the name of verifying activities on customer’s account, the fake customer service representative will request the verification code. 

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Fake Alerts:

The fake customer service representative may claim a debit on user’s Hopper account. Users are requested to provide their personal details and bank account details to reverse charges and to process a refund to their bank account.

Impersonation using Hopper Verification Code Text:

The scammers also try to impersonate users over calls and text messages. They impersonate Hopper support representatives. If you specify that you are a Hopper user, they claim to assist you with a technical issue or to unlock user’s account. 


Scammers often create a sense of urgency to pressure users into acting quickly without thinking. They claim that failing to provide verification code will result in account suspension or other consequences.

Reporting Suspicious Activity:

If your contact number is not registered with Hopper, then you should report it as spam and inform FTC about Hopper Verification Code Scam by messaging them at 7726, emailing them at reportphishing@apwg.org (or) reporting phishing attempt at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. 

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Hopper or any legitimate service will never ask you to provide your verification code over call (or) via text message. Never share your verification code or personal and payment information, as it could be sold on dark web. Be cautious of unsolicited messages. Contact authorized customer service number, email, and website of Hopper only.

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