reviews [Jan] Will It Legit For Shop? reviews 2021 reviews [Jan] Will It Legit For Shop? -> Friends, Let’s gather some information about the site dealing with kitchen appliances and many more items. Read the content.

The kitchen is the favorite place of most people, and they love to spend their time cooking their favorite dishes. So, to maintain it properly, we want all the latest appliances to make our work easy. United States people love to use the latest and new appliances in the kitchen to look good.

Today, by exploring reviews, we will know all about the site and which items it is selling to its customers. So, its gone be very informative.

What is

The site brings its unique collection of appliances for the buyers to explore and find the items they want to purchase. The site deals with selling branded kitchen appliances at an affordable price. The mission of the company is to provide access to all those items that customers want. Making their customers happy by making their shopping easy is the focus of the site.

A coffee maker, water filters are available on the site. Apart from kitchen appliances, the site also sells two-way selector audio, dumbbells, and many useful products. But the collection of its kitchen appliances is more as compared to other items. But we all must see Homesportlive Reviews instead of directly switching on to the site for purchasing.

Specifications of

  • Type of site – the site selling kitchen appliances
  • Contact number – 18017684661
  • Company’s address – 930 W 410, N St. Lindon, United States
  • Shipping cost-free shipping on all orders.
  • Time of delivery – it takes 2-3 business days to deliver the items after order placement.
  • Company email address –
  • The policy of returning items – the company accepts returns within 30 days only.
  • Refund – a full refund is given if the order is returned in a given period.
  • Payment methods – VISA, Stripe, PayPal, Master Card, Cash on delivery

Pros of

  • The site offers items as per the customer’s want.
  • For the customer’s benefits, the site is offering 10 -15%off on every item.
  • The site provides a free shipping facility. 

Cons of 

  • The reviews are not found.
  • The site was registered yesterday.
  • The site does not show its presence on social media.

Is legit?

What about the trustworthiness of the site? Friends, we must check it out. Now, we are gone explore for you whether the place is safe and can be trusted or not. By checking the age of the site, it was found that this site is registered yesterday on 4 January, 2021. It is too new for customers.

The site shares useful details on the about us page by mentioning its services and terms and conditions. It has shared its contact details so that every customer can access them without any issues. 

The reviews from customers are not present as being registered yesterday, so how it could receive its reviews. The site has shown social media icons on its web page, but its page on social media is not available yet. By offering offers on items and providing free shipping, the site encourages customers to have a try on its site. But until we are not sure we cannot go for it.

Though the site successfully shares detailed information about the products available, it needs time to take its place in the market. For now, it is a very new single site in the market. We cannot trust it. 

What are reviews?

As it is registered today only, so no reviews are present at this moment. Even the social media web pages of the site are not available. Only icons are present on its web page. The site is claiming to make its customers happy by providing their best efforts. So, let’s see within few months how this site is dealing with their customers.

For this moment, the customer reviews are not present. 


The site deals with featured kitchen appliances from blenders to vacuum cleaners. All the household items that we require can be found on this site. Being new in the market, the site is offering discounts to attract customers. We think that readers should not risk by purchasing items from this site as we are not even sure whether this site is legit. On the other side, reviews are not there to get some idea about the site.

Its better that we should give this site some time and let it get explored. Till then, you can go to some other portal for purchasing.

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