Hinch Wordle {July 2022} Know The Answer For 402 Puzzle!

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This news is a complete insight about the Hinch Wordle and its correct spelling for the same.

Have you heard about the new answer of 26th July 2022? Do you want to know the correct meaning and spelling of the puzzle Wordle? If yes, then you are on the right page!

Players from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and India are looking for the opportunity and the correct answer to the Wordle puzzle. The below article contain more about the Hinch Wordle specifications and new rewards for the uses.

Is Hinch the correct answer for the Wordle or not?

For the puzzle of 26th July 2022, there are unlimited answers given by users on Twitter and LinkedIn. However, for puzzle number 402, there is no correct specification given by the official website before 4 pm. Certainly, after the update, it is seen that the correct answer was not Hinch.

The correct answer for the puzzle Wordle is not spelled as HINCH but CINCH. Users can review the spelling and meaning of the world as given by the hint session in the game.

Read below about the meaning of the Hinch Game and similar specifications.

Meaning of the word as per Wordle game

  • HINCH – Hinch is a wrong and unused word. It is not mentioned in any word dictionary and can’t be refined as per word search.
  • CINCH – it means it is easy to do and understand the way of treating the players from the bid.

However, the word used by the game on the hint session to create it has given a new detail in the section. As per the hint, it is easy to check the meaning that can be used for the puzzle and further matching.

How to play Hinch Wordle

The Wordle game is quite popular among users. Due to daily challenges, the new account holders can’t understand the work. Players must follow the instructions below to know how to play:-

  • Visit the official page of Wordle.
  • Check the unlimited views and 24 hour challenge names.
  • Click on the recent puzzle
  • Play the game with the help of hints
  • Solve as soon as possible and cross-check with the hints.
  • Try to attempt and solve within the 6 tries.
  • Read the hints first, revise the clues and then opt for better chances in the boxes.
  • Move the red and grey boxes instead of green.

Why is Hinch Game Trending?

The game is trending as there are different ways to play it, and the new system has been innovative to solve with the help of hints and clues. But unfortunately, the game word was misspelled, which caused an issue among players.


In conclusion, many players mentioned that the word was miss spelled. While the groups on Discord and LinkedIn are specific about the correct answer, the doubt about the word mentioned before can be easily rectified. 

Our experts specify the players to complete the regular 24-hour challenge and when exciting snaps and streaks for further rewards. Was the article helpful about Hinch Wordle and spelling? Comment your understanding of the meaning of this word. 

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