High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors (Mar) Some Facts

High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors 2021

High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors (Mar) Some Facts >> The entire cast list of the Japanese and English voice-over actors is here! Read to know.

Isn’t it thrilling to see your favourite actors do the voice-over parts of various animated movies or series? Of course, it is. So why not take a look at the list of the High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors because you might find someone you already know?

The United States-based online content streaming platform, Netflix, had announced in 2020 that they would be going deep into anime and release more of these in 2021. 

At the Netflix Anime Festival, Netflix announced an original net animation anime series without revealing its name, but in January 2021, they announced the High-Rise Invasion series.

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What is High- Rise Invasion?

High-Rise Invasion is an original Japanese manga series based upon survival and horror. Tsuina Miura wrote it. It has a spin-off Manga series and an original net animation by Netflix, whose High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors will be revealed later in this article.

The original manga series contains 21 volumes, the spin-off version comprises five volumes, and the animation series was released with the first season (12 episodes).

The Plot Of The Show:

The series’s plot includes the protagonist lost in an abnormal space that consists of various tall buildings connected with bridges. There are other people also trapped in this space. 

Some masked figures slaughter their confused victims who want to flee from this space. Now the protagonist has only two choices: be killed or kill the masked murderers. 

Who are the High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors?

Netflix, a United States-based platform, released all the details of the animation. It launched all the episodes of season 1 in one go on 25 February 2021. The following is the list of the characters and their corresponding voice actors-

  • Yuri Honjō

Voiced by- Suzie Yeung (in English); Haruka Shiraishi (in Japanese)

  • Mayuko Nise

Voiced by- Jennie Kwan (in English); Shiki Aoki (in Japanese)

  • Kuon Shinzaki

Voiced by- Stephanie Sheh (in English); Akira Sekine (in Japanese)

  • Rika Honjō

Voiced by- Zeno Robinson (in English); Junya Enoki (in Japanese)

  • Sniper Mask

Voiced by- Jonah Scott (in English); Yūichirō Umehara (in Japanese)

  • Mamoru Aikawa

Voiced by– Johnny Yong Bosch (in English); Jun Fukuyama (in Japanese)

  • Yayoi Kusakabe

Voiced by- Cristina Vee (in English); Yōko Hikasa (in Japanese)

  • Kazuma Aohara

Voiced by- Todd Haberkorn  (in English);  Kōji Yusa (in Japanese)

People’s Feedback:

People wanted to guess and know the High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors. Anime fans had awaited the series since Netflix announced the release date in January 2021. People have been eager to know the cast, and we have mentioned the same above.

No reviews or ratings of the show are available on the Internet because of its very recent release.

Final Verdict:

A brand-new anime series was released on Netflix on 25 February 2021, High-Rise Invasion. It is based on a Japanese manga series with the same title, a spin-off manga series called High-Rise Invasion Arrive. The genre covered are horror, survival, mystery, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Now that you know these High Rise Invasion English Voice Actors, why don’t you comment down below and let us know if you recognize anyone?

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