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Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021 (March) Facts Below

Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021 (March) Facts Below >> Everything is confusing since the pandemic started. Read the article to clear your doubts regarding the Leeds Festival 2021.

Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021? Is the festival not going to take place in August 2021? Too many questions are there in your mind. 

Do not worry because we are here to extend our help. In this article, you will get answers to all your questions regarding the 2021 Readings and Leeds Festival held in the United Kingdom every year. And believe us, you are going to love them.

The country was under stringent lockdown guidelines throughout the pandemic and recent news from the governments that favor the mentioned festivals. So, continue reading the article and find out more about this.

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What is Leeds Festival?

In Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021, we discuss Leeds and Readings annual music festivals in Leeds and Readings, England, respectively. The two festivals take place simultaneously every year in August during the bank holiday weekend in the United Kingdom

These festivals have a great history behind them. The Leeds festival held at Bramham Park and Readings held at Richfield Avenue near Caversham Bridge increased and reached the crowd number of 75,00 and 87,000 respectively. Reading is the older of the two festivals and the world’s oldest music festival still in existence. These sister festivals started in 1955 and have a combined attendance of 105,000 people annually. 

The genre of music usually covered are Rock, Metal, Dance, Hip-Hop, and Pop. 

What happened in 2020?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, various events in various countries were either postponed or canceled. Similarly, the Leeds and Reading festival organizers canceled the festivals in 2020. Fans were disappointed. 

Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021?

Fortunately, the organizers used the official Twitter handle of Leeds and Reeds to announce on 31 August 2020 that the festival will take place in August 2021. The announcement included six headliners and stated that none would be clashing on the two main stages. 

But many did not know how the pandemic situation will turn out in the future. Thus, the people did not react much. And the ones who believed that the fest would take place and were excited about it and continuously searched for Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021.

But the good news is that according to the recent government guidelines, all the restrictions in the country will be removed by June 2021, leaving an ample amount of time for the fans to prepare.

People Reactions:

The fans are very excited about the festival, and all the tickets are sold out for Reading, with only a few left for Leeds. However, the weekend tickets for both of them are finished. The government’s announcement on 24 February regarding the easing of lockdown seemed to have lifted all the country’s music lovers’ spirits.

Final Verdict:

So, Has Leeds Festival Been Cancelled 2021? No, not after the government’s big decision of removing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in 4 phases.

Are you excited about the Leeds festival? Did you buy your online ticket? Comment down below and show us your energy and excitement for the festival.

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