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Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get Latest News Here

Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get Latest News Here -> Get to know about the pharmacy of a famous supermarket chain that is administering the COVID vaccine to eligible people.

Are you wondering if there is any local pharmacy that is part of the COVID vaccine drive? People are searching about the Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine program online as they’re curious to find out essential info about it. 

The ongoing vaccination drive in the United States is currently in the first phase. The pharmacies of grocery stores from across the country are part of this program to speed up the process. 

Read on further as we share crucial details about it here. 

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About Harris Teeter 

It is a famous supermarket chain in the United States. The parent organization of this chain of stores is Kroger. With over 30,000 employees, the store’s headquarter is in Mathews, North Carolina. 

The grocery store chain has pharmacies that are taking part in the vaccination drive going on in different parts of the country. 

What is the Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine program?

On 20th January, Harris Teeter announced that its pharmacies would begin the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine to the people who are eligible to receive it in the first phase. 

The supermarket store received approval for being part of the vaccination drive. As per the info available, around 211 Harris Teeter pharmacies will be part of the program. 

Through the vaccination drive, authorities are trying to slow down the spread of Coronavirus, and pharmacies of popular supermarket chains are becoming a part of the program. 

Currently, the Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine program will have limited supply and only administer to the people who are eligible as per the guidelines shared by the CDC. 

Important things to know about the program: 

  • Harris Teeter pharmacies around the country have received approval for the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine. 
  • As of now, people can get either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine for preventing Coronavirus infection. 
  • The administration of the vaccine is subject to availability. 
  • People who are eligible need to schedule an appointment. 
  • To check the eligibility for the Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine program, individuals should check the official website of CDC and Harris Teeter. 

How to schedule an appointment? 

If you belong to the group that is eligible for receiving the COVID vaccine during the first phase, then you can use the official site of Harris Teeter to schedule an appointment. Carry your insurance card and valid identification card on the date of the appointment. 


Over 211 Harris Teeter pharmacies have joined the COVID vaccine drive that is taking place across the nation. People who are curious to know about this program can check the info on the Harris Teeter site. 

The news of the Harris Teeter COVID Vaccine approval came in January, and soon the pharmacies started administering vaccines in many places in South Carolina. 

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