Halalan 2022 Pangasinan (May) The Election Result!

Latest News Halalan 2022 Pangasinan
The article will describe and update your ongoing Halalan 2022 Pangasinan and educate you about the winning trends of the election in the Philippines. 

Are you aware of the local election row in Pangasinan? It is a coastal province of the South-East Asian country of the Philippines. But the recent provincial election trends make this province a new political wind blow and people are looking into the matter worldwide.

The local election trends are showing a significant political change in the area. As per the updated news, Espino will defeat the election battle. The opponent Ramon Guico Three is leading by 150,000 votes over Espino. Let’s have a look into the – Halalan 2022 PangasinanCheck the recent political status of the election. 

What Do You Know About the Election Trends? 

The political commentators thought the battle for the Gubernatorial seat would be neck to neck between Ramon and Espino. But after the election and as per the result, trends change all vote equations. It is now almost transparent that Ramon Guico Three is already marked his path to the “Urduja House.” The house is known as the residence of the Governor. On the other hand, the initial result also shows the first election defeat of Amado Pogi Espino Three. 

Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

As per the last update, we can disclose the result of the Philippine General Election, 2022. Let’s have a look at the latest update. 

Election Trends for the Vice Governor Result

Api candidate Rayes vote count- 464,411 

Lakas Candidate Lambino Mark’s vote count- 748,918

Election Trends of the Governor Result

PGRP candidate Caloy Padilla- 2740 Votes

Independent candidate Rolly Jimenez received- 5324 votes

API candidate Pogi Espino gets 591843 votes

NP candidate Ramon Guico Three- 752,131 votes

Please note that the election updates are based on the unofficial latest update. The official will commence very soon. 

Halalan 2022 Pangasinan

Except for the big political names like Ramon Guico Three and Pogi Espino, many candidates are fighting the election battle in the Philippines General Election 2022. Some famous politician like Arthur Celeste is supposed to win the election race from the first district. Former winning candidate Marlyn Primicias Agabas is in a good position in the sixth district. 

Other candidates like Ramon Guico Jr and Christopher De Venecia are supposed to win the election in their constituencies. As per the official reports, the final result will come very soon and announce the complete election result of Halalan 2022 Result Pangasinan

Why the Election News is Trending 

The 2022 Philippines election was a trending topic in the media. The celebrity candidates like Ramon and Espino fight each other in the election. In 2019 Guico won the election against the Senior Espino (Father of Espino Pogi Three) in the congressional election. As per the latest update, Guccio is going to win the election. People and media are taking an interest in the election result. 

The Latest Update

As per the latest update up to 5 am (local time) on 10 May 2022- Guico received 880113 votes in Halalan 2022 PangasinanOn the other hand, opponent Espino’s vote count is 692,535. So, the result shows Guico will win the election by a significant margin. All the reports and statistic is taken from internet sources. But you can check the recent update by clicking the link

Who was your preferred candidate? Please mention. 

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