Guys Stumble 0.37 {April} New Feature, How To Install!

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This article describes a recently updated version of a popular online role-playing game and its upgraded features. Read more about the Guys Stumble 0.37.  

Are you interested to know about the latest released version of a popular online role-playing game? If the answer is yes, let’s evaluate all relevant information associated with the features available on this recent version. 

RPG game enthusiasts Worldwide are looking to find updated gameplays and missions that provide a better gaming experience for gamers.

The game’s update is to entertain the current players of the gaming community by adding more fun elements and eliminating glitches. Read about the Guys Stumble 0.37.

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About Stumble Guys (Version 0.37)

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale is an online party knockout game played among various gamers with an intention to the winner by remaining in the game by facing the challenges and defeating 31 other players to be a winner.

Kitka Games developed the game, and the game’s popularity went on rising since its release of the game with millions of installs on various gaming platforms.

Stumble Guys released its latest version, 0.37, on 28th March 2022. The game is accessiblefor both iOS and Android devices. Learn more details on Stumble Guys 0.37 Download.

New Features of Stumble Guys 0.37

  • A new map, “Paint Splash”, got added to the game to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Apart from introducing the new map, the developers are also interested in providing the gamers with free rewards and daily free spins.
  • Stumble Guys 0.37 also comes with four new skins.
  • The user interface of the game also got updated.
  • The gamers can now participate in various ranked tournaments to showcase their gaming skills.
  • Th bugs found by the technical team and the bugs reported by users got fixed, and improvements were made for smoother gameplay.

Guys Stumble 0.37   

  • The latest version of Stumble Guys adds more fun features to make the gameplay more fun and interesting.
  • The players are provided with several funny challenges.
  • The player also has the privilege to explore various gaming levels. In addition to that, they can also do several customizing.

How To Install Stumble Guys 0.37?

  • Android users can visit Google Play and install the game for free.
  • The android game consists of a file size of 120 MB. Therefore, the user needs to have Android 5.1 or above for installation. Learn more about Guys Stumble 0.37.
  • Users with Apple devices can install Stumble Guys from App Store.
  • The file size of Stumble Guys in the App Store is 345.8 MB. Apart from that, the user can install In-App purchases.
  • Mac users require macOS 11.0 or above, while iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users need 13.0 or above.


The latest version, 0.37 of Stumble Guys, introduced several new and impressive features for gamers to improve the gaming experience. In addition to that, several bugs also got fixed. To know more on this topic, please check.

Have you played Guys Stumble 0.37? If so, kindly mention the improvements you noticed in the gameplay below. 

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