Gunky Wordle {Aug 2022} Why Wrong Guess For 420 Puzzle?

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The below article helps you navigate all the details for the guessed word, Gunky Wordle. Also, you can check hints and know the correct answer.

Are you a regular wordle player? Players from different countries try their best to give correct answers in one attempt. And many are also trying to guess the wordle word within the given attempts by the wordle. But, still, many players get confused and guess the wrong answer in the limited number of given attempts. 

Worldwide players, especially from Australia, have guessed the answer for the 13th August wordle as Gunky Wordle. But is this the correct guess? Let’s check out the details for the guessed answer.

Know more about the Guess Word “Gunky” for the 420 puzzle game!

The correct answer for the wordle 13th August 2022 (i.e., wordle # 420) is HUNKY. Gunky is nothing but a wrong guess with the starting letter. Many players have guessed the 1st letter as “G” instead of “H.”

How can a player guess a wrong word?

Due to uncommon words or not using any word in regular conversation, many players sometimes find it difficult to guess the correct answer. And, their guess comes wrong only due to 1 or 2 letters in the word. 

Definition of Hunky and Gunky Game 

  • Hunky Meaning – it is mainly a gender-based word, as it is used mainly for a male to show strong attraction among them. 
  • Gunky Meaning – it means messy, sticky, dirty, greasy or unpleasant.

Hints for 420 Wordle Game!

  • The wordle is an informal adjective word. 
  • It consists of 1 vowel, that is, “U.”
  • The starting and ending letters are constants. 
  • The ending letter is “Y.”
  • Today’s wordle answer also contains a single “K.”
  • No letter is repeated. 
  • The rhyming word is “JUNKY.”
  • It is mainly used to describe males.

Therefore, from the above meanings and hints, we can clearly say that the correct answer is “Hunky” and not “Gunky.”

Gunky Wordle: Steps to Play Wordle Puzzle for Correct Answer!

  • Click on the official page (given in the conclusion).
  • Check the hints, definitions and major clues given by the wordle game.
  • Guess the 5-letter word and tap on the “Enter” key.
  • You will get 6-chances to guess the correct answer. 
  • Check the color indication to know whether the filled letters are correct or if you need to change position or guess another letter.

Why is today’s (13th August) wordle answer trending?

For the 420 wordle puzzle game, many players guessed Gunky Wordle, the first tile turned grey, and all the others were green.  Hence, worldwide puzzle solvers, especially from Australia, are looking to check the details for the guessed word, why their answer is coming wrong, and the correct answer.

Final Thoughts

The correct answer for wordle number 420 (i.e., 13th August) was “Hunky.” Many puzzle solvers have guessed the answer wrong as “Gunky.” Further, if you also guessed wrong, do not head down. 

Try playing wordle for tomorrow, and wait till midnight to play a new wordle. Have you also guessed the answer as Gunky Wordle? Please comment below. 

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