Gully Wordle {Sep 2022} Hints & Clues For Puzzle 441!

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The below article helps you navigate the meaning of Gully Wordle, a 441 puzzle answer. Check details and know the meaning.

Hey, Gamers! Are you still solving wordle puzzles regularly? Can you solve wordle for 3rd August 2022 in the first attempt (puzzle number 441)? Now, as today is the first Saturday of September, the 1st Weekend Day of this month, many Worldwide players might have clued the hints carefully and can solve in the first attempt. 

But, gamers are still curious whether they are correct with their guessed Gully Wordle for puzzle 441! So, let’s start to check the details. But, let’s first check the answer!

Know wordle 441 answers!

Congratulations to all our wordle solvers! This time you all have done tremendous work by guessing the word “GULLY,” as it is the correct answer for wordle 441 (i.e., for 3rd September 2022). 

Every morning social media and newsletter platforms are full of bits of advice to help you with solving the puzzle on the first attempt. But still, many players are unaware of this word’s correct meaning. So, let’s begin with the definition!

Know Gully Definition & Synonyms!

Gully means to make a channel or a deep gluch. It is also termed a “small waterway.” An example is “making a ditch for rain along the side paths of a driveway.” The few synonyms for this word are: 

  • Pass
  • Couloir
  • Pass
  • Chasm
  • Gulf
  • Kloof
  • Gulch
  • Ravine
  • Defile

There are numerous similar words for “Gully.” The shared ones are the most common and can be used regularly. So, now let’s check the hints for the puzzle 441 wordle game.

Check Hints For Gully Game! 

  • The word has 1 vowel and 4 constants. 
  • The used vowel is “U.”
  • It has 1 repeated consonant letter.
  • Today’s wordle is a noun. 
  • Have you ever driven a car in the rain? It’s related to that. Also, this word is widely used for cricket for a fielder’s position.  

So, that’s the reason! Worldwide wordle solvers must be fans of cricket, that’s why they solved today’s wordle in 1st attempt only. 

Wordle Playing Tips

  • Always check hints and meanings given by the wordle. 
  • After filling the tiles with the guessed word, always check for color indication and make changes appropriately. 

Check Gully Wordle By Knowing Color Indication!

  • Green Color – shows you have guessed all the letters correctly. 
  • Yellow color – indicates that the guessed letter is correct but spotted wrongly. 
  • Grey Color – you have guessed the wrong letter.

Why is Gully Word trending?

Players have filled the tiles after guessing the word as per the given hints, and all the tiles have turned green. But many players are still unaware of the meaning, so they are looking to check the definition.

Final Thoughts

Based on our case study, we can say that the guessed answer, Gully Wordle, for puzzle 441 is a perfect solution for wordle 3rd September

Would you like to share your guess as well? In how many attempts have you guessed the correct answer? Please share below via comments. 

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