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Guilherme Suicide {July 2022} Student Thesis Defense!

This article will follow up on the Guilherme Suicide case and people’s opinions and stories.

How disheartening is it to lose someone brilliant and outstanding? How close can a person come to their goals, and destiny decides to pick the person out of the situation? The news of such an incident is circulating in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

A student committed suicide last week due to harsh questioning and bullying on the academic panel while presenting his thesis. People are searching for Guilherme Suicide to dig deep into the situation.

Why Did He Commited Suicide?

According to a recent tweet by a professor of the Federal University of Lavras, an undergraduate student committed suicide as he could not bear the humiliation by the panel of professors that were taking his thesis questions. Due to the university’s prestige and potential controversy, only the student’s name can be fetched, and any source has shared no other personal information till now.

It’s been a week, and there’s a rage among students who are retweeting this tweet and want action against the panel. After Guilherme Student Suicide, many ex-students have shared the same incident they experienced in their university days and asked to help their fellows if they are in their time of need. 

Many data from different universities revealed such incidents are normal, and teachers need to be more polite and generous to their students as learning should not be traumatic for students. Due to the extreme bullying, many students do not complain or report such incidents to the higher authority or family as they are ashamed of their failures. Such suppression causes suicide and depression among students.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis-

Unfortunately, due to the university’s internal privacy policies, one cannot fetch more information about the student. Still, other students came forward to share their heartwarming stories. One ex-student, Jess, told on Twitter by reposting this tweet that she has also undergone the same humiliating situation. Still, she is grateful for the panellist she got at her time, as they do not allow her to step out alone. 

She mentioned that she is a psychology student and that her learning process played an important role in that situation. She added that she imagined her dogs and parents sobbing and alone after she committed suicide.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis Defense-

In defence of the thesis, a student is grounded by a panel of teachers and professors. They ensure that the student does well and that they have not copied, as it will be the major source afterwards. In this situation, the student, namely Guilherme, has undergone the same situation and, unfortunately, cannot cope well. Tweet described the thing as ‘humiliating’, which is a quite strong phrase for the situation.

All the professors and students supported this phrase by asking to stop it in the system. WHO has also added guidelines to prevent suicides and self-harm among students as this will be dangerous for the future.


Guilherme Suicide is another eye-opener for all the higher authorities giving that much power to the panels that land students in troubling situations. There should be guidelines that need to be followed by both students and professors in such situations to avoid any kind of violation. 

Please note all the details are taken from internet sources. What are your views regarding today’s education system? Please comment below.

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