Great Suspender Alternative (Feb) Switch To A Good One

Great Suspender Alternative 2021

Great Suspender Alternative (Feb) Switch To A Good One -> There are numerous alternatives available to this extension. Click to know more.

Does your Great suspender extension is not working correctly? Are you looking for Great Suspender Alternative? Then here we bring you a list of the preferable alternatives.

Great suspender extension is all you need when you are a tab hoarder and require more space. People, especially from the United States, United Kingdom, are not considering it a good option, and people are continuously looking over the alternatives.

Today in this article will make you familiar with the most notable alternatives you need to make your Chrome work smoothly and efficiently.

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What is a Great suspender?

It is the most well-liked Google Chrome extension, which is used by millions of users. Stretching helps to improve the use of the ram by suspending the tabs automatically.

There are many Great Suspender Alternative available which might work better for them. Users who use Google Chrome with less ram installed may face memory run out for other programs. 

It turns out to be fantastic for the users who like to use too many tabs on its chrome. It unloads each tab by suspending the extra tabs, and you can retain your tabs by clicking anywhere on your desktop when required.

Let us know the reason behind the inefficiency of the Great suspender.

Why is Great Suspender no longer a recommendation?

The reason behind great suspender is no longer recommended extension and why so many Great Suspender Alternative enters the market.

This extension was sold to an anonymous entity in 2020. The new owner uploaded the version, which requires lots of permissions and remote calls and scripts.

If you use this extension, we recommend you go for the 7.1.6 version, the last version developed by the original developer.

There are many alternatives available to Great suspender and are doing well for the users. So let’s get in touch with a few of the best options available to you.

What is a Great Suspender Alternative?

There are numerous alternatives available for the users as per their requirements.

  • Auto Tab discard
  • Great Discarder
  • Firemin
  • Unload Tab
  • Total Suspender

Few of them we had mentioned above. Each has its specialty, and you can choose as per your needs.

Final verdict

Great suspender is a very lightweight extension to Google Chrome, which helps you to listen through chrome’s memory footprint by eliminating or suspending the extra tabs from your screen.

For the last few months, people from the United States, United Kingdom have noticed that it leads to harmful codes. It is also believed that the new owner of the extension has also induced some trackers into the version.

 Due to which Great Suspender Alternative comes to the rescue. These alternatives work precisely the same as the great suspender or better than it. We would recommend you not to switch to it again.

Which alternative suits you the best? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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