Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie (April)

Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie (April)

Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie (April) >> The article has a detailed description of the versatile store with some franchises and suggestions for the best things.

Do you like those superstores with a variety of stuff in one place? If you affirm the question, you’ll be liking this article for sure. Please stick to the article to gather the utmost knowledge about the Great Canadian Dollar Store.

This article is on the popular Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie. The store is appreciated by many customers. The store has gained popularity in many developed countries like Canada.

What Is Dollar Store?

A dollar store is also known as a variety store. The store likewise has its outlets which were also said dime, pound shop, etc. This retail store has its selling category vast enough to fit all age groups. They sell the general merchandise, apparel parts of automotive, home goods, and grocery options.

While researching for Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie, it was also found that the dollar stores also sell hardware, kitchen supplies, home furnishing goods, and so much more that too on heavily discounted prices. No wonder such stores are quite popular among people. It normally sells the products at limited costs sometimes; the products have fixed retailing price. 

About Great Canadian Dollar Store 

The store is now a franchise that has experience of 25 years of working. The main goal claimed by the store is “Working Together For Success.” While researching for Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie – The founders of the company are Bud Walker, Vivian Walker Sold in 2015 to Kevin & Jane Kane, Quispamsis, NB. The Great Canadian Store sells spices that are not even available in your local stores. 

History of the Great Canadian Dollar Store 

The merchandiser of discount was found by Bud and Vivian Walker in 1993. The head office was set up in Victoria. It is located in more than 125 places. The dollar stores also sold at the price of $1.00. Even after 22 years, they are still expanding. It started its franchise member in 1997.

Best Things to Buy at Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie

  1. Decoration items – The have amazing decoration items be it for seasonal functions, decorating bowls, picture frames, or much more.
  2. Greeting Cards, Boxed Candies – The lane of candies packed in a perky box or bagged candies are always full and cheap. The greeting card at $1 is way good in comparison to the costlier ones.
  3. Stationary
  4. Gift wrapper, bags, and boxes
  5. Accessories for hair
  6. Spectacles
  7. Dinnerware, etc.


In the final verdict of the article, hope you got to know about everything in the right manner. If you heard it for the first time, this article includes the best things to buy from them. Have you been to the Great Canadian Dollar Store Portage la Prairie

Do you want to know more about the Great Canadian Dollar Store, click this to get more details.

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