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Goldflake Error Warzone {Dec} Know Cause, Fixing Ways!

Call of Duty Goldflake Error Warzone can be fixed using these simple and complex steps. Read to find out more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare suddenly experienced an error. This error has disrupted gaming sessions and affected the gameplay. The error tends to appear when a player starts playing online. This error has been named the Goldflake Error Warzone.

This has enraged users in Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdomwho had complained numerous times to the developers. The solution, however, has been found. Today, we will discuss how the error is caused and what we could do to evade it.

What caused the error?

The error commonly occurs when the game somehow gets into sleep mode. Indeed, the error has a complicated name to comprehend anything- Goldflake. It is still a mystery how the error occurs in the first place. Its consequences, however, are well-known. 

It puts the system in a suspended state while the Call of Duty Goldflake Error Warzone runs. The only thing to prevent is not to put the device in sleep mode while running Call of Duty Warzone. 

This is the only way to avoid the error coming. Even reinstallation sometimes doesn’t work. Mostly, the error has occurred to players playing on Xbox or PS4 and not on PC. However, sleep mode should be avoided as a preventive measure. There are instances where users have fed up and stopped playing the game altogether due to this consistent frustrating error.

How to Fix the Error: Goldflake Error Warzone?

To fix the error, the first thing is to restart your device. The system will then be rebooted. The player can now load up Modern Warfare Warzone again. The error should’ve been fixed by now. Sometimes however, this simple procedure doesn’t work. If in your case, it doesn’t, then you have to unplug your console mains or press down the button to switch it off. After a few minutes, turn it on, and see if the error has been fixed. 

These two ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ procedures can fix the Goldflake Error Warzoneand you can return to your gameplay. Unplugging is a solution-for-sure and you won’t encounter the error possibly for some time if you use the console unplugging method. However, generally just restarting the device could work. 

Still, there is no guarantee that the user would not experience these errors in just an hour after using the above methods. As we said, these errors are permanent, and all we can do is speculate optimistically. To know more, see How to Fix Warzone Status Goldflake Error – MSN  


The Call of Duty Warzone is interrupted with a Goldflake Error Warzone that has disrupted the system and made it quite impossible for the users to focus consistently on their gameplay. It usually occurs when the device turns to sleep mode and generally on Xbox or PS4, not usually in PCs. 

The error however, can be corrected in two simple steps given above. 

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