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Go Back To Africa Website {Mar} Get The Details Here >> Do you not hate people who pass racism comments to others? You can get essential details about a racism campaign. Kindly read today’s post!

Have not you been disgusted with people who lure racism and harsh comments to other people? Do you adjudge citizens based on their color, sex, and birth region? Regardless of your answer, racism is a deadly unarmed element that has costed many lives to suicides or bullies. Go Back To Africa Website  is one racism resultant derived by the black people on the US soil. If you are keen to know the backstory and other details, kindly stay tuned with us!

The United States has a history of racism and other causes for which the government is extensively bashed. Instead of having fundamental rights, non-US people are subjected to racism and sexism for unknown reasons. Please continue reading our today’s article to know what caused black people to start a massive campaign against racism on US soil. 

What the Go Back To Africa Website states?

In early 2019, Black and Abroad launched a campaign that is still giving dividends. The site is designed to promote a pan-African and data-driven tourism campaign that changes racial slurs to supported a call to action. You can also join the campaign to support your friends or relatives with an African background or history. 

What is bedrock?

The campaign has created a brand, namely BEDROCK. It targets the zeal of finding business or brand purpose. BEDROCK brand has three aspects,

  • Find it: You need to interrogate the brand’s past to know its purpose.
  • Know It: The Go Back To Africa Website states that you have to correlate history and  resent to know the needed actions.
  • Live It: You need to cherish the present while anticipating the future.

How to create a behavior for the campaign?

The campaign empowers you to grab attention from a mass audience by making them emote, feel, and think. It will enable the audience to change and act for the betterment. You have to open your brand for people while giving them something back. 

How to brave together?

The campaign targets the BRAVE TOGETHER aspect. It implies you are not alone in this anti-racism campaign. The Go Back To Africa Website states that one victory is a win for all. Besides, the BRAVE TOGETHER aspect focuses on creating opportunities, spaces, and relationships. 

Where is the campaign running?

The campaign is quite famous in different regions. Over 8000 people are working in 120 offices around 80 other countries. The fundamental targeted areas are:

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America

Our Final Thoughts:

It has been a history in the United States to exploit black people by passing racial slurs and interrupting their fundamental rights. Go Back To Africa Website is one successful initiative that is famous since 2019. 

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