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Global Anti Scam Org fights for the hundreds of people who have fallen prey to internet wire fraud, relationship fraud, and investment fraud.

Have you ever heard about romance-investment cybercrimes? The past few years have seen a new gold rush, and it’s all because of cryptocurrency. It’s not easy to make the thousands, if not millions, that some Bitcoin investors have, but it’s not impossible, either. 

Every year, scammers in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, and nine other countries) make off billions of dollars from unsuspecting victims all around the globe. In June of 2021, the Global Anti Scam Org was established to help victims of cybercrimes all around the world. 

About Global Anti-Scam Organisation:

  • The primary goal of the Global Anti-Scam Organization (GASO) is to aid victims of romance-investment cybercrimes, commonly known as “pig-butchering plate” in Chinese.
  • Second, GASO aims to dissuade Chinese cybercriminals from engaging in large-scale, multi-layered online frauds by educating dating apps and social media users about the current social engineering tactics and technological abuses of Chinese cybercriminals.
  • Through its work, GASO also hopes to educate policymakers, regulators, law enforcement, and the general public on the complexity and gravity of these particularly sneaky internet frauds.
  • Lastly, Global Anti Scam Organisation Gaso calls on the suppliers of modern digital services, whose services were used by criminals, to take full accountability and responsibility.

Services offered by Gaso:

Its team will monitor your wallet for any unusual activity and provide you with a comprehensive report that includes graphs and the final wallet address(es). A 30-minute Zoom session to answer your questions is included in the price you paid.

To launder money via the bitcoin network is a complex and costly endeavor. To help victims and boost your chances of having your case examined, trained crypto investigators from Gaso provide a 2in1 service at an inexpensive charge far lower than the market pricing.

Current Scenario of Global Anti Scam Org:

The number of volunteers increased with the rise of Shāzhūpán (online scam) victims in 2021, and the Global Anti-Scam Organization (GASO) was established. Currently operated by roughly 70 volunteers, GASO was formed as a non-profit in the USA to assist, organize, and speak up for victims of the online scam. 

As of April 2022, GASO has contacted 1,483 victims globally, incurring a total loss of $256 million, or an average of $172,000 per victim. You can find more details about the current scenario of the Global Anti-Scam Organisation by visiting their official website.

What does Global Anti Scam Organisation Gaso do?

  • Awareness, Education, and Prevention: Raising awareness via news coverage and social networking. Updating fake websites often stops people from becoming victims.
  • Community Assistance: It assists victims in returning to their pre-incident life and provides pertinent papers beneficial to their cases.
  • Legal Reform: It collaborates with law enforcement agencies all around the globe to prosecute people, traffickers, and cyber criminals.
  • Rescue: It free captivity and human trafficking victims carried out by organized crime in Southeast Asia.

Also, read more about Gaso here


Online frauds are increasing. Global Anti Scam Org aims to safeguard consumers globally against scams by raising awareness, providing tools for consumers and law enforcement, encouraging information exchange, coordinating research, and supporting (legal) best practices. 

Only 7% of victims disclose internet fraud to the authorities; thus, this is the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever read about Gaso?  Comment on your thoughts in our comment section.

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