Glastonbury Festival Site (March) Complete Information!

Glastonbury Festival Site 2021

Glastonbury Festival Site (March) Complete Information! >> This article tells you about a music festival, the reason behind the cancellation of this event for 2021, and how you can buy tickets for the 2022 event.

Do you know what the Glastonbury Festival Site is? Don’t worry if you don’t know about this festival as in this article; we will talk about this festival in detail and tell you why it’s not going to happen in the year 2021. 

Glastonbury Festival is a music festival open for five days which takes place in the United Kingdom. It is very demanding among the audience, but due to some reason, the Glastonbury festival is not happening this year. Let’s find out the reason in this article. 

What is the Glastonbury Festival?

If you are a music and pop culture lover, then the Glastonbury festival is the perfect event for you. It is a five days music event that happens in the areas of Pilton, Worthy Farm, and Glastonbury. On the Glastonbury Festival Site, it is given that it offers you contemporary music and offers theatre, comedy circus, and many other things to entertain the audience. 

In the Glastonbury festival, the pyramid stage was introduced. The first pyramid stage was introduced in the Worthy farm by Bill Harkin, who died at 83. Many lovers of Glastonbury pay their tribute through social media like Twitter. 

Why is the Glastonbury Festival cancelled in 2021?

Glastonbury festival is one of the famous festivals for the people of the United Kingdom.  In Glastonbury Festival Site, on the news section, it is given that the festival is not going to happen in 2021. People wait for this event every year to enjoy this music festival with their friends and family. 

The reason behind this is COVID-19. It never happened in the last 50 years that the whole event was cancelled because of any reason. People always stay excited about this event that they bought the tickets immediately. After the event can be cancelled, the tickets can be used for next year’s Glastonbury festival. 

How can you buy tickets from the Glastonbury Festival Site for 2022?

You will see many options like areas, news, info, shops, and many more on the official site. To buy the tickets, you need to go to this link then follow these steps.

  • Go to the info section, which you will see on the top section.
  • When the info section is open, click on the ticket info to book the tickets. 
  • The ticket will be sold by seeing tickets only. 
  • You need to register yourself to book the ticket and have to pay some deposit also. 
  • Ensure that you won’t buy tickets from any other supplier or any other site as Glastonbury didn’t support these kinds of sites. 


We know from the Glastonbury Festival Site that one of the most significant music events in the UK is cancelling this year. Because of the risk of COVID-19, the government is not allowed to have this kind of event in the country. Many people are excited to attend this festival, but now they have to wait one more year. 

If you have attended any music even of Glastonbury Festival, then please share your experience with us in the comment section. 

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