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Gg.Gg/Innersloth (Feb 2021) Explore the Platform’s Facts!

Gg.Gg/Innersloth (Feb 2021) Explore the Platform’s Facts! >> Let us talk about this link that recently caught our eyes and explore some of its facts.

Today in this article, we are talking about Gg.gg/Innersloth. Isn’t it strange when you search about something or search any website and do not get any information?

Today we are discussing this eerie website, which, as displayed by the browser, is banned. But we do see some information displayed, which we would like to share with you. We believe that the website is banned in all countries like United KingdomCanadaUnited States, and India.

So, continue reading the article as we discuss this website more.

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What is Gg.gg/Innersloth?

As mentioned on Wikipedia, .gg domains are sponsored and registered by Island Networks. Usually, esports and video games websites use this domain because ‘gg’ is the famous abbreviation for ‘good game.’ 

The .gg domains are still active. The famous VoIP Discord still uses the .gg domain to redirect the users to their main website. The Discord invite links created also contain the .gg domain.

We believe that the website mentioned above is a link for some Discord account. 

What happens when you search for it?

When you search for Gg.gg/Innersloth on your web browser, you receive a notification displaying: the short URL is banned from the GG.GG administrators because it is spam. And when you click OK, you immediately get redirected to the URL Shortener website.

This website asks you to enter your long URL that they can customize or shorten. 

What is the URL Shortener?

As mentioned on their About page, GG.gg is the easiest and fastest way to track, save and share your links. You can register with your email. You can contact them by filling their contact form or via their Twitter account. This account was made in May 2012 and, however, has not been active since February 2014.

They have also stated that they do not allow any spam, child porn, scam, or other illegal links. They don’t display ads; they create quick share links for Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter; you get the ability to track the visitors on your URL, use 301 Redirect and choose a customized shortened link.

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, no reviews are available for Gg.gg/Innersloth. However, we found some comments giving us a hint for the URL Shortener (GG.GG) website.

The comments on their Twitter posts show that people use this website to shorten or customize their links. But as these comments are ancient, the situation may be the opposite now. What do you think?

Final Verdict:

We talked about this banned website, which, when searched, redirects you to another webpage. The reason for its ban is displayed as spam. This can be a website link or any Discord invite link that is no longer available.

What do you think about Gg.gg/Innersloth? What exactly is it? Did you like our article? Let us know your views in the comments section below. 

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