Gg.Gg/amongbots (February 2021) Reveal the Facts Below >> Amongbots 2021

Gg.Gg/amongbots (February 2021) Reveal the Facts Below >> Check out more commands of the bot for your most loved online game!

Have you experienced the various available Discord bots? has introduced a diverse and wide range of Discord bots to spice up the users’ Discord experience.

Many Among Us players in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, India, and worldwide are having fun with the new feature of their Among Us game.

This newly introduced bot will take the Among Us users to play one of most loved ones on another level.

It can un-mute and mute all users in a voice channel. It is helpful when people do not mute their voice channels during the game.

Today, we are letting you know about the new bot introduced recently for the  Among Us game.

What Is

It is a newly launched Discord bot in the Among Us game.  Users will have an excellent experience with the Discord bot featured in their game.

Many Among Us and online gaming enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, India, and other parts of the world enjoy with this new Discord bot.

Many players in the Among Us game do not mute the voice channels to play this exciting game.

This bot will solve their problem by un-muting or muting in the voice channels of Among Us game.

You can check for the available commands to have an exciting experience with your Discord bot.

The provide a few commands to have a great experience with the new bot.

What Are The Command List For The Discord Bot?

The commands that Among Us user can use for the Discord bot are the following:

  • Start the game and mutes everyone in the voice channel: &start.
  • End the game and un-mutes everyone in the voice channel: &stop.
  • Command listing and help message: &help.
  • Adds the Discord bot to the server: &invite.
  • See or look at the latest changelog: &changelog.
  • Provide download links of servers and the Among Us game: &download.
  • Send instruction for partnering with Among Us: &partner. has also provided the Among Us players and users with a few simple commands as mentioned above.

Final Verdict:

There is a new Discord bot discovered for Among Us game recently. It will help Among Us users to un-mute and mute during their games in the voice channels.

This bot will help you do certain things in your Among Us game with a few commands. By using the commands, users can make specific changes in their Among us game easily.

These commands can end or start your game, adds your bot to the Among Us server, un-mute or mute voices, providing download links, sending instructions to the server, etc.

For more details about the Discord bot, you can go to

However, the project of Discord bot has been discontinued. Hence, the Creator will not provide any updates on the Discord bot till it resumes.

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