Get Paid For App Reviews (Oct 2020) Scroll for Its Reviews.

Get Paid For App Reviews 2020

Get Paid For App Reviews (Oct 2020) Scroll for Its Reviews. >> This article is about an app that instigates users to write a review of different apps in exchange for money.

Getting some extra cash from downloading some reviewing apps is possible, and many newbies join this deed. It is nothing but a paid review by the app companies. However, it has become one of the exciting cash earning ways in the nation.

Get Paid to App Reviews is one of the humming online excitement by which many tech-savvy fellows fill their moneybags these days. As they say that all that glitters are not gold, all that provide opportunities to earn money are not safe. A lot of people in the United States have been fall into the trap of the dodgy app. 

First, get some more info than you know to know it better and real.

What is the Best Review App? 

Best Review App is a website that accepts the consumer’s honest review on those Apps that are launched on the Android or iOS software. Every time a use writes a review, they get paid for this. This campaign has been named Get Paid to App Reviews.

You can download the app to any of your devices like mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android; this platform is open to review the honest reviews from all devices. Getting paid for the studies encourages putting their views to the public to help the prospects become users. 

The user gets 24 hours after downloading the apps. They must put their review within the time. So, you have to make the reviews as objective as possible. One should try to write a simple check that will help others to understand the features. If the user fails to leave the review within 24 hours, the app will go to another user. The one who put their thought will Get Paid to App Reviews. Once the authority verifies the review, the use will receive the cash through the PayPal account, or the user must claim the gift cards through Amazon or iTunes.

The reviews need at least 40 words in length. At the same time, they must give the app either 4 or 5 stars. Each review will pay you .50 cents. Reviewing on the paid app, you will get the money back while using the facility of getting Paid to App Reviews and an additional .50 cents. All pay-outs take place every Friday.

How to get paid by using the app?

There are three steps from signing up to getting paid for the review. Here they are-

Register: Register your account by clicking the link “here” option. Choose your platform where you wish to write your review, either Android or iOS.

  1. Enter your information:

People through the United States must put some necessary information before getting paid through the apps. You must update your valid email is, iTunes id or Amazon is. Also, fill your account detail if you want to Get Paid for App Reviews through PayPal.

  1. Write a review:

Once you log in, you can download the app. And the next step is to leave the review within 24 hours.

The final verdict:

Get Paid to App Reviews is a useful app asking for a paid review from the users to validate the apps. However, a lot of sc

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