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With Genshin’s 3.0 update, Genshin Impact account holders finally have another location to explore. This also brought the last element that completes the set that players can use. While Dendro existed before 3.0, it was exclusive to some enemies, and the players couldn’t inflict it on enemies themselves.

A new location also meant new characters to meet. Players meet Collei, Tighnari, Dehya, Nilou, Alhaitham, Dori, Nahida, Cyno, and Candace throughout the Archon Quests. They also learn about the Akasha System and some plots brewed by Sumeru’s Sages.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Locations and Points of Interest

Sumeru City is situated upon an enormous tree the citizens call the ‘Divine Tree.’ It sits in the lush Avidya Forest, the first area you arrive at when coming from The Chasm. However, before getting there, you’ll first encounter the base of the Forest Watchers, Gandharva Ville.

To its north and the city’s southeast are the Chinvat Ravine and Gandha Hill. North of the city, you’ll find the Chatrakam Cave and the Palace of Alcazarzaray. Go further, and you’ll be in the Lokapala Jungle, home of the Mawtiyima Forest. It’s a forest of enormous glowing mushrooms and a central area in an extended world quest in the country.

Back to the city, the Vissudha Field and the quest-locked Vanarana and Lost Nursery are to its west. To the southwest are the Yazadaha Pool and the Pardis Dhyai. Going further southwest from the font of knowledge, you’ll arrive at the Caravan Ribat and the Wall of Samiel that keeps the desert at bay.

Going south of the city, you’ll arrive at Vimara Village. Past that is Port Ormos, the international port of Sumeru. As it is far from Sumeru City, the characters note that people there are more relaxed, and the Sages watch the area with less scrutiny.

The Ardavi Valley sits to Port Ormos’ northeast, and to the northwest is the Ashavan Realm. It’s the home of the Apam Woods, where the Varuna Contraption hides. The Ardavi Valley is also of interest because of the giant Ruin Golem. 

With 3.1’s release, the desert area, Great Red Sands, is opened for exploration. It has three subareas: Land of Lower Setekh, Land of Upper Setekh, and the Hypostyle Desert. One of the first points of interest you’ll encounter is Aaru Village, home of Candace.

As it is a desert, it is filled with sand and dotted with cacti. There are several oases as well. Something you can’t miss is the giant pyramid in the distance, the Mausoleum of King Deshret. Surrounding structures are The Dune of Carouses, The Dune of Elusion, and The Dune of Magma. In the Land of Upper Setekh, there’s another giant Ruin Golem, but be careful when approaching it!

The desert holds a vast network of caverns that will get you out of the harsh desert sun. You’ll find more structures and temples underground, and it’s a vital location in a world quest.

Lastly, you might find some transparent ruins in the desert. Find a way to get around the invisible walls to unlock the secrets within.

Sumeru Lore

Archon Quest (Spoilers abound!)

The Sumeru Archon quests start out like the others. After three countries where the Traveler gets sucked into the nation’s problems, they want to cut to the chase and talk to the Archon. They arrive at the city and learn about the Akasha System.

Afterward, they are tasked to chase after a stolen object that the Akademiya wants back. The Traveler learns about Canned Knowledge and Divine Knowledge the Sages are after. The situation in Port Ormos ends in an alarming circumstance, and the Traveler decides to head back to the city to report.

Back in the city, the Sabzerus Festival is about to be held, and things get interesting. The day of the festival keeps on looping, but nobody else notices. The Traveler finally meets Nahida, but as they are trapped in a Samsara, it isn’t a good time to chat.

They break out after several loops, and Nahida takes some time to rest because the ordeal is taxing. When they meet up again, they try to investigate the Sages’ plans but are caught by Dottore. Nahida stays behind to give the Traveler time to run.

They meet up with Nahida, who manages to escape Dottore. They seek the help of Tighnari but meet Haypasia instead. She believes she has achieved Paripuni Life, but the Traveler realizes she saw Scaramouche’s memories. As they decide what to do with the mad scholar, the Corps of Thirty arrive to arrest them. Nahida gets stabbed by the Corps but manages to switch consciousnesses with the Traveler.

They witness Nahida’s body trapped in the Sanctuary of Surasthana, where Scaramouche is being transformed into a god. When they switch back, Tighnari says some codewords to the Traveler, who realizes she needs the help of the Eremites.

The Traveler arrives at Caravan Ribat and meets Alhaitham again. Together they make their way to Aaru Village but are ambushed by General Mahamatra Cyno. He fights Alhaitham, and Dehya comes out to mediate. However, her presence increased the tension instead of dissipating it. A sandstorm breaks it up, and they come into the village chief’s house after someone calls out to them.

Inside the house, the tension is as thick as ever. Candace, however, keeps things civil, and they all reveal their motivations. They hear monsters growling in the storm, so Candace steps out to handle them.

After some time, Dehya gets worried and goes out to check on Candace, with the Traveler coming along. Together they defeat the riftwolves, then the Aaru Village chief comes up to them. He reports that the Village Keepers are disappearing from the village. Cyno explains that they are scholars driven mad while trying to achieve Panipuri Life. The group decides to find them after Isak, a kid, requests to find his ‘grandfather.’

They spend some time following leads, but only one pays off. Some villagers report cries from the abandoned Eleazar hospital, which they investigate. They discover that the Village Keepers are being harvested for Divine Knowledge. They find the Eremites that took the Keepers and struck a deal.

They arrive at the arranged location, but an earthquake knocks them all out. They wake at a domain, which reveals that King Deshret and the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata worked together for Sumeru. However, the King accepted some forbidden knowledge, which sparked the Withering and Eleazar in the people. King Deshret sacrificed himself to save the nation, but it was not enough. Rukkadevata used up all her remaining power, turning her vessel into a child.

With that revelation, the Traveler learns about the Akademiya’s misinformation campaign and deceptions. They also figure out the Sages are trying to turn Scaramouche into a new God of Wisdom.

World Quest

The quest chain with the most significant contribution to Sumeru lore is the one that starts with the Vimara Village Children. There, the Traveler interacts and helps the Aranara (plantlike fairy creatures) heal the land from the Withering.

Various lore tidbits are scattered throughout the quest, most notably that the Traveler’s Sibling once journeyed with the Aranara too. This quest is exceptionally long and could be confusing if you don’t mark certain places.

Another questline with lore is the Golden Slumber and Old Notes and New Friends. It reveals a bit more about the Scarlet King and the beliefs of the Eremites. Plus, this quest unlocks the underground areas for exploration. Genshin trading is non-existent, so this is a necessity for anyone having Cyno because many Scarab spawns are in the underground areas.

Enjoy Genshin Impact!

Sumeru likely has one more subarea that will open for Genshin Impact account holders in the future. There are also other characters to meet, but they are unmentioned here, such as Layla. She will be playable in the same patch as Nahida. Let’s all look forward to more adventures in Sumeru!

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