Gen The Corgi Meme (February 2021) Reveal the Reality

Gen The Corgi Meme 2021

Gen The Corgi Meme (February 2021) Reveal the Reality >> Find a story about the man’s best friend, and also explore some of the relevant facts.

Aren’t dogs the best companion one could ever ask for? A source of joy, love, affection, happiness, and whatnot. These speechless animals don’t need any language cause their actions are sufficient to express how much they love you, how much they look forward to your love, attention, care, and especially food.

Gen the Corgi Meme of the Philippines was a similar bundle of joy whose natural expressions had cheered people in the worst of times, like Coronavirus of 2020.

That’s the power of these innocent little creatures, they don’t ask for anything, but for your love, for all the joy and happiness they give us in return.

Please read this article further to know more about the little bundle of joy.

About Gen the Corgi:

His real name is Gensaku and is popularly known as Gen. He’s a corgi (a breed of dog) boy with a furry tail. He was born on the 3rd of May 2015, and like every corgi, he was active, playful, and creative. But our Gen isn’t just another ordinary corgi, his whimsical expressions made him stand out, and his photos were popularly known as Gen the Corgi Meme.

He was so popular on social media that he almost had 200K followers on Instagram. If you don’t believe us, then check out his Instagram page, and you’d understand how irresistible is this little ball of joy.

His parents told us that he enjoyed being around people, whether it was sleeping with them on the same bed or going out to meet someone new. However, his life wasn’t that easy, and he had tragedies since the beginning.

Fair warning to all the dog lovers, the next subheading may trigger you or make you feel unfortunate.

Gen the Corgi Meme Tragedy:

He was born along with a hereditary chronic failure that can’t be cured. His owners said that it is similar to the condition that humans have.

The disease caused him to experience (urinating more than usual) polyuria, polydipsia (thirsty all the time), anaemia, and high blood pressure. The little pup was so unfortunate that he was born with other seizures prostatic hyperplasia.

The poor pup had to be taken to the clinic frequently. He used to be on dialysis three times a week, got four injections, and received six medicine types. Gen the Corgi Meme wasn’t all fun as also he used to get blood and echo test once a month.

He had a particular diet plan; his treats were additive-free and were made in Japan.

Unfortunately, we lost him on the 14th of Feb 2021.

Gen’s Parents’ Statement:

They stated that a dog is a family, and even if a pup comes with an incurable disease since birth, it’s not the reason to let him go. Yes, his treatment will cost a lot of money, and he will have a shorter life than an average dog. 

But we will continue to give him the best treatment and an enormous amount of love, and maybe that’s the secret of having a wonderful short life.

Final Verdict

Love can be in any shape or form, but to nurture is one significant task, and that’s the secret of living a happy life as well.

Gen the Corgi Meme and his parents stand out to be a great example of that.

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