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Gardensel com Review [Mar] Legit or a Hoax Website?

Gardensel com Review [Mar] Legit or a Hoax Website? -> If you are looking for eye captivating gardening material, read the article and improve the gardening looks.  

Are you fond of beautiful gardens? Are you looking for Gardensel com Reviews? You are at the right place where you will get to know about beautiful gardening material. Gardensel has brought you unique pieces of decoration of gardens that make your garden look attractive and impressive. 

People from the United States are very fond of greens, and most people live in houses with beautiful gardens. Nature lovers love to try these kinds of experiments to make their surroundings look more attractive and happening. Let’s get to know about the legitimacy of this website.

About Gardensel.com

Gardensel.com is an online website which sells beautiful gardening material. It is an international B2C online gardening product shop that is gaining customers’ trust from countries like the United States, Australia, and Europe. Don’t forget to read Gardensel com Reviews to know more about the products.

The website’s primary purpose is to provide healthy life and environment to people. They want to cultivate a love for nature in people’s minds and build gardening habits to make the surroundings look beautiful. By this, healthy human life and wellbeing can be supported. 

The website sells products like floral garlands, bird freeders, garden gnomes, garden elves, Easter wreaths, etc. The site claims to offer products made of high quality and are well designed. The cost of products is also reasonable and affordable. It also provides free shipping on orders over $79.99. People are looking for the answers to Is Gardensel com Legit? Keep on reading the article to know about the site’s authenticity.


  • URL: https://www.gardensel.com/
  • Email: info@mail.gardensel.com
  • Contact number: +1-416-937-0434
  • Products displayed: elves, bird freeders, eternal flowers, gnomes, etc.
  • Cancellation: before the shipment of the product
  • Return policy: within 14 days
  • Refund policy: within few days after the product is returned.
  • Delivery: depends on the destination address
  • Payment modes: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


  • The website provides variety of products.
  • The website has a beautiful range of garden decoration products.
  • The price of products is very reasonable and affordable.
  •  The site has accessible payment methods that too with money back services.
  •  It has a return and refund policy.


  • It isn’t easy to find Gardensel com Reviews on the website or social media platforms.
  • The social media page of Instagram is not available.
  • The products’ delivery can take too long.
  • The site is very young.
  • The owner’s information is not available.
  • The Alexa rank is also low.
  • There are some grammatical errors in the ‘about us’ information on the website.

Is the website legit?

To check the legitimacy of a website, let’s get to know about its domain age. The website was registered on 30-12-2020, which is approximately two months old. The information about the owner to whom this site belongs is not mentioned anywhere. Keep on reading to know Is Gardensel com Legit?

The physical address of the website is available with an email address and contact number. Moreover, it has all return and refund policies, cancellation, and money-back services. The site seems to be well presented. 

But there are some other aspects in which it is lagging. The reference of social media pages is not favorable. Its Instagram and Twitter pages are hard to find. The Facebook page is available, but it is also not full of information. It has not more than 2k followers. 

Talking about customers’ reviews, they are hard to find as this site is new and young. People still are looking for the products’ quality and the website’s authenticity. 

We cannot announce this website legit as it has both positive and negative aspects. So, it is advisable to shop at your own risk.

What are people saying about Gardensel com Reviews? 

Customers’ reviews can judge no doubt, the legitimacy of any product or website. They help a lot to know details before shopping from any website. Gardensel is lagging in this aspect. 

There are no customers’ feedback to know about the quality, delivery0 of product or website’s terms and conditions and policies. It is recommended to go for a detailed check of the website and shop at your own risk.

Final verdict:

Coming to a conclusion, we can say that gardensel.com has provided the necessary information, whereas some of the details are missing, which are vital to know before investing in it. Information like Gardensel com Reviews should be there to get a clear picture of the website’s legitimacy. 

We can say that it is not preferable to rely on this website when it is new and missing some information. 

Have you ever shopped from Gardensel.com? Have you tried making your garden look different with gardensel products? If yes, please share your opinion and experience in the comment section and guide others to know about it.

6 thoughts on “Gardensel com Review [Mar] Legit or a Hoax Website?”

  1. I ordered from them over two months ago. Still no update on the website as to the product being shipped. I have emailed twice and received the same automated response. “Your package is already on the road. The logistics information will be updated when it reaches the next transfer center. Please pay attention to it. Please contact us if you have any questions.”

    Will be trying the phone number listed above as well. I think this website is a scam!

  2. Gardensel, presented false information on the sales of their product. Buy 3 get one free. Nope they didn’t do it. I sent a cancelation as soon as the advertised price was not presented. They did not have the order yet. They could not find the order number. I told them to save them money and time to cancel the order. Then they they said it was already on it’s way. Three and a half weeks later. They tell me it just shipped. Do Not do business with these people.

  3. I ordered one of their garden gnomes on 3/7/21, it is now 4/16/21 and I have been sent a tracking number from China Post. Some sites still have it sitting in China some sites do not even recognize the number. I have emailed and messaged them and I get generic emails back. Of course they pulled the money from my account. They are a complete scam.

  4. I ordered a smoking gnome that is giving the finger for $25.00. He’s cute but not what I expected. He’s only about 5 inches tall, and has one painted hand (the palm is not painted). The other is mostly painted, with flesh tone onto the beard. He is not painted like his picture. His beard & clothes are not painted. Very disappointed.

  5. The ripped me off. I spent over $100, ordered 4 Gnomes and received 2 incorrect Gnomes. After months and months of emails they admit their mistake and this is their reply. We will give you a 10% refund for the over $60 I paid. Our I can pay out of pocket to send the 2 back, and just maybe they will receive it, and I will get a refund. They basically said it will probably get lost in the mail!
    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! Oh, and one more thing, the Gnomes are junk! Never again will I order anything from CHINA again!

    • Hello! Thank you for posting your valuable feedback. It is sad that you have not received the quality products. We hope that your matter is being resolved. Your review and feedback will be helpful to other readers also. Thank you! Have a Safe Online Shopping!


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